Impacto Assassins

At a young age of 12-14 years old Team Impacto Assassins are making a splash into the tournament scene already. The team is based out of Lime, Peru and have only been together for about 5 months. They are Sponsored by Impacto Sports, owned be Victor Castagnino, and by Planet Eclipse. Impacto Assassins are geared out in all Eclipse gear and Etek3s. The team is mentored and trained By Victor and his team every Saturday and Sunday. They entered a tournament at Ares Paintball in Division 5 the past weekend. The team is young and hungry and out of 12 teams Impacto Assassins had a strong finish coming in 2nd Place!!!

Planet Eclipse would like to Congratulate Impacto Sports and all members of Impacto Assassins for a great podium finish. Sergio Nakasone, Mario Nakasone, Alexys Puch, Kevin Kabashigawa, David Huemura, Daniel Huemura, and Jorge Escajadillo.


  1. A very cohesive team with great potential, way to go Assassins !!!!!!! Lets do it again this coming Sep 4th and 5th.

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  3. Impacto Assassins took 3rd in the National played in Lima last week. They are getting stronger every event. Great work guys! Thanks to Impacto Sports for letting me play in his team.


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