Aggression Rocks Denmark . . . . .

In the last weekend of February Aggression flew up to Copenhagen after receiving an invitation from our Danish friends, the CPH Ducks to come out and play a tournament. We arrived and had a big welcome mat thrown in front of us. The cab drivers refused to transport us because they felt the trip was too short. Luckily, Brian of the Ducks took us to our lodging by taking multiple trips up and down the city.

We started of the weekend by practicing against the Ducks on Saturday. We arrived at a humongous indoor hall that used to be home to newly built ships. The field, the surface and the lighting was great and the practice went well.

Come Sunday, we were up bright and early to scope out the competition for the tournament. There were a bunch of mixed Scandinavian teams and it was shaping up to be a great tournament. Aggression took second and first in their respective divisions. Losing only once match in the entire tournament. Besides a cold batch of paint and some frozen fingers, everything went smoothly and we ended up having a lot of fun and made new friends (and maybe some fresh enemies) . We even got the opportunity to practice on Monday before our flight back.

Our first tournament and both squads take the podium. It was a good experience and we are more than willing to visit our Danish friends again soon.