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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

HDE Camo (NON Planet) Reviews.

The Planet Eclipse HDE Camo is hitting the stores around the world and a few youtube video reviews as well as a review in PBX3 on-line magazine have popped up that we thought you might like to have a look at if you thinking of getting yourself some HDE Camo:

Click here for the Latest Paintball X3 magazine: CLICK ME !

Youtube Pant Reviews:

Youtube Jersey Review:

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Border War - 18th September

Splatter Zone Paintball and Fox Paintball Sports IL are hosting another scenario game that will also have a Travelling Target Shoot available for players to compete in on September 18th. The Target Shoot will be sponsored by Planet Eclipse and all players competing in the target shoot have a chance to win an Etek3!! The Target Shoot will be open throughout the day, but the actual competition will run during the lunch hour from 1-2pm.

Here is the winner form the last event !!!

ICON Turn up the heat !

Check out this nice little teaser video from Pro Paintball team ICON...

Teaser to what we don't know ????

Icon2mars - the teaser from Claude Sagné on Vimeo.

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To Win ION you need Brute Force !!!

Every year, the Invasion of Normandy event is held at Skirmish Paintball in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania. ION is a legendary event, and since its beginning in 2001 has become an icon for scenario paintball. With thousands of attendees and hours of play, ION is not an event to be missed. And missed it was not for Team Brute Force and it's PnL brothers; Steeel Reserve and Connecticut Commandos.

After traveling for several hours through the peaks of Pennsylvania, Brute Force arrived at the summit of the Poconos late Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, we had a few days to acclimate to Skirmish's high altitude before the big game on Saturday. To our surprise, Valken had been kind enough to leave us a fenced-in camping site behind their booth on the vendor strip. The courtyard was the home of the PnL teams for the event, and also a safe-haven from the heavy guns on the battlefield just a short distance away.

Friday turned out to be a "lazy day", which is an exceptionally rare occurrence in paintball. Activities included socializing with other teams, walking the field, and scoping out vendors. There were many great vendors on-site at the event, including our sponsors Planet Eclipse Valken and PnL Paintball. Thankfully, they were carrying everything we had forgotten at home, making pre-game preparation very easy. When we saw the boats on Gold Beach, we knew there was a tough battle lying in store for us Saturday morning. Typically, Allies never broke through the tree-line that separated the German-infested forest from the merciless beach, but that was a stigma we were devoted to breaking.

The time was 11:45am on Saturday morning, and the boat was Omaha. A mere 15 minutes before the doors dropped, tensions were running high. Despite encroaching fears, the boats were loud and patriotic with chants of "USA!" and other battlecries. By the time the 10-second countdown began, the front of the U.S.S. Omaha was packed with PnL teams. Once the timer expired and the door was forced down (yes, forced down), Allies across the beach were scrambling for bunkers.

Within a half-hour, Allies on the far-right side of the field had forced their front lines into the woods. With the enemy fighting a two-front war, the German regime was pushed back to their insert point by the 1 hour mark. It was a much appreciated victory, but alas was cut short when the Germans strengthened their core and eventually forced the Allies home. Saturday was a back-and-forth battle, but when the dust settled at 10pm, the Allies were ahead by about 30 points. With Valken hosting a free BBQ for the entire Valken Corps Saturday night, the lead was well enjoyed by everybody with a Corps badge and sponsored teams. However, since Sunday had 44 points up for grab, both sides needed to be at full force for the final four hours of play in the day that followed.

The first three and a half hours of Sunday's play consisted of scattered missions and frightening encounters with the devious French (serving as the game's 3rd entity) throughout the forest. Though the missions were intense and created paranoia among the players the last half-hour was a lot more battle-heavy. The final mission was to carry your nation's respective flag across Gold Beach, which was far from a simple task. At 12:45pm, 15 minutes before the game ended, Allies were taking heavy fire from the Germans very close to home. The mission looked hopeless, until encouraging words from Ally commanders Nyxx, Ninja and Madkow gave Allies the motivation needed to push the Germans all the way back to home during the final minutes of the game. In an unbelievable comeback, the Allies took home victory.

Once the game ended, hostilities between the two sides ended. Everybody still hated the French, but the German and Allied players were friendly. Many interesting prizes were thrown during the raffle and awards ceremony, including delicious lunch meats and cardboard boxes. When it was time for the Allied generals and XO's to give out their awards, we were all tired, aching, and wanting to go home. Then, they announced that the PnL Teams including; us, Steeel Reserve and Connecticut Commandos had won the award for "Most Valuable Team", and an unimaginable sense of accomplishment swept over us. The frame of time in which Justin and Bane of Steeel Reserve were handed the MVT plaque will not soon be forgotten.

Without the help from our friends and sponsors we would have never been able to accomplish or do what we do. Major thanks goes out to P&L Paintball for there unrivaled support, Valken for treating us like rockstars and feeding us like kings, Planet Eclipse for providing the best markers and performance gear in the world, keeping us on the field and NEVER having to fix our guns. Finally a major thanks to our brothers in arms Steeel Reserve and Connecticut Commandos for without you we would never be able to share the MVT title!

For more information about Team Brute Force, our sponsors, and our friends please check out our website via

Staargate vs Rome - Super Event 5 (UK)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Monosalvaje Win @ CCP Medellin, Colombia 2011

This past weekend, Aug 7th and 8th, Monosalvaje traveled to Medellin, Colombia to an event of the Colombian Paintball Circuit (Circuito Colombiano de Paintball).

Months before the tournament the team had decided that a change in the structure of our practices was needed in order to take us to the next level. Andres Dassum, one of the older and more experienced members of the team, stepped up as our coach and implemented a more structured, physical, and specific practice.

Studying and practicing the layout the week before the event really helped us understand what was needed to be a strong team in Medellin

The team set up practices on both weekends and weekdays and we all committed ourselves to a stricter schedule and structure. This in addition to meticulously studying and practicing the layout the week before the event really helped us understand what was needed to be a strong team in Medellin. To Medellin the team brought a very varied roster of players: Alejandro Amador, Juan Jose Moreno, Andrew Baker, Juan Bejarano and Andres Dassum were joined by Edmundo Jordan, who at 45 years old is one of the oldest and most experienced players in Ecuador, as well as Carlos Antonio Martinez and Alex Solms, two 16 year olds with incredible potential.

The tournament was held in the outskirts of Medellin, in the beautifully green countryside of Colombia. The weather was perfect, sunny all day yet with a cool breeze that ensured you were comfortable both on and off the field. The event was set up in Los Caballos Bar, a typical Colombian horse ranch of sorts where rodeos and other events are held each year (there were even ponies around that players would take pictures with). All this as well as the turf field, lighting, huge grandstands, and full service restaurant and bar literally steps away promised this was going to be an extremely fun event.

The team won its first and second match and was off to a well start

Prelim games started early Saturday morning and continued through Sunday. The team won its first and second match and was off to a well start. Fierce competition in our third and fourth matches as well as a couple of questionable penalties, we could not pull away with a win in our two remaining games.

We were not the only teams in this position, as the nature of the layout allowed for small tide-changing plays producing upsets left and right throughout the tournament. At the end of all prelim games, our decisive wins and close losses gave us the edge over all other teams enough to move on to finals.

Having studied many games on both Saturday and Sunday, we decided to slightly modify our game plan to counter the Colombian teams' tendencies in the

finals round

This paid off immensely in our semi final match as we shut down Colombian team Wild Dogs as they tried over and over to unsuccessfully break through our lines and pushed back for a 4-1 win.

Having won our semifinal, we were in the finals match against Wayout, a very aggressive Colombian team and good friends of ours for many years. We had two simple goals in mind going into the final, we had to play our game and not let them play theirs.

The Colombian team pressed on each and every point in futile attempts that only resulted in them diving head first into our paint. We capitalized on points where we were up by a couple players, and even won a couple two on ones.

Even though the match was a fierce one, our preparation and determination resulted in a 4-0 shutout, allowing us to bring the CCP Medellin Championship title, prize money and trophy back with us to Ecuador.

Monosalvaje would like to thank Planet Eclipse for its support throughout the years as well as Fast Ducks Paintball, CCP, the Duque family and all our Colombian friends for their amazing hospitality and friendship bestowed on us throughout the weekend.

Monosalvaje will be competing in various South American leagues as well as PSP World Cup this Fall, come say hi and meet the team at any event!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monte Cassino (Mexico) Big Game Vid!

Big up to all those who attended the Monte Cassino Big Game 2011, reppin' the HDE gear in this cool little video, check it out!

Stolen Marker! Please Help.

On Sunday August 14 a Shiner Geo2.1, Serial Number 14302, was stolen at Extreme Rage in Hollywood Florida.

If anyone has any information concerning the marker in question, please contact Ian Parsons at our Rhode Island office on (401) 2479061.

Kindest regards,

Nicky T

Customer Service and Technical Support Manager

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

PSP New Jersey


187 CREW took 1st Div 1

Dynasty took 2nd

& BOOM took 2nd Div2

well done guys !


The Bar is still OPEN!

On August 13-14 Pub Crawling descended upon EMR Paintball Park for the TSSOC scenario production of DUNE. This was a 2 day game pitting Pickles of Joint Fury (Assassin’s Guild) with Barney (the Purple wonder) as her XO against Lucky Charms of Zombie Defense Force and his XO, Slowpoke of the Wildcards. Though the skies were threatening the entire time, there was only about 1 hour of rain the entire time: this kept the 300+ players in attendance mostly dry: which was appreciated!

From the beginning it was obvious that we were going to be head to head with the Wildcards all event, as it seemed they were countering our missions left, right, and center. Fortunately we had two new players in the game this weekend running with us.

One was a 10 year old medic named ‘spawn’ and the other was a 10 year old gunner named ‘bradzilla’.

These 2 players not only held their own; but ‘spawn’ saved my ass once by healing me on an assault on the enemy base.

For their heroics on the field they were co-awarded the ‘young gun’ award by Pickles at the games end.

By the end of the day Saturday, though we didn’t know the score, we didn’t feel like we were getting our assed kicked…that’s about as good as I’m willing to feel during a game….so it felt good. The game was well reffed and the field had loud music playing most of the time with a science fiction feel to it that it really added to the atmosphere of the game.

EMR has such a huge playing field that during ‘war stories’ several members of Pub Crawling told stories of getting elimination shots on enemy players who had no idea that we were there. I LOVE THAT!

On Sunday the opposition forces rallied and kept the skirmish line closer to the middle of the field. Sunday was the make or break moment, and we shot more paint on Sunday in 4.5 hours than we did in 7 hours on Saturday.

The final score had us in the lead 2805 to 2055. AND we won another Most Valuable Team award and were awarded the Most Formidable Opponent by Lucky Charms.

Once again, we don’t play to win awards, we play to win and HAVE FUN….winning an award is just nice!

At the end of it all we awarded our Pub Crawling Prize Package to one lucky player and tossed out an entire box of swag sent to us by Planet Eclipse.

On Saturday 8/20 we will be in Hubbard Ohio; at for a one day scenario game.

Continue to follow us on facebook at!/pubcrawlingpb

And our homepage at

We hope to see you soon,


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Birmingham Disruption Clinic....

Fresh off a 1st place at Campaign and at the CPPS round 4, Birmingham Disruption are looking to give back to their fans and those who help out when possible with an insight into what makes a winning formula.

On the 20th August we will be running a clinic at the NPC site, home of the CPPS, in Stafford. As part of the day we will be running through drills which Disruption use, techniques and pointers plus help on coaching. The focus will mostly be on drills and pointers, with a few games for those who fancy it towards the end of the day. The price is £50 per person which includes a box of training paint. We will hopefully have a few goodies to give out to those who show the most willing, the most improvement and show a great attitude towards learning. Places are limited so please book in as soon as possible.

There will be camping available on site on Saturday night and there is talk of a BBQ happening. We also encourage all attendees to stay over. Sunday is an Open practise day at CPPS and anyone who wants to play on the Sunday can do so at £15 per person. The Disruption players will be training on the Sunday as well as keeping an eye open for any fresh new talent and there will also be the chance to knock heads against Disruption with your fresh new skills, (Paint will be available to purchase on site if needed).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to seeing you all there and helping you wherever we can.

Book in via Facebook:

Or via e-mail:


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Home Turf Advantage????

The Slagen Bandits give us a run down for there latest outing:

Hunting for trophies on our own turf with some new friends !

It has been only three weeks since the last event of the Norwegian Paintball League and those weeks has flown by as the Slagen Bandits were getting ready for the third event of the season at our home field. As most of the team were working hard to prepare our site for the event some of us got to take some vacation time at the Campaign Cup in England. And we also managed to represent Planet Eclipse on the Norwegian national team in the Nations Cup using Kristine’s one of a kind Geo 2.

Back home in Norway our event started on Saturday with the Elite division consisting of ten teams.

While rain threatened the event, it stopped early in the morning and the sun was soon shining on the new field design made especially for this event. The event was aired live on our popular webcast, thanks to Roland from!

We decided to enter two teams in the elite division this time as our club is growing steadily. So we moved some players up from our division 1 team to fill out our rooster. Early this spring we went to Portugal to play a tournament and made some great friends. One of those, Hugo Bettencourt from team Ballistik, made the trip from Portugal to live with us for a while so of course we put him on the team to!

Slagen Bandits Gold started the event out great with a 3-0 win against both Trondheim Dominators and Ratpack. Then we faced off against Swedish team Devils from MASH in what we expected would be one of our toughest matches of the day. In the end we lost 3-1 in a hard fought match. Our last match in the prelims was against Drammen Sabotage. So far this season we have taken turns beating each other. This time Sabotage came out on top 2-1 as we had only 14 seconds on the clock to try to tie up the match in the last point. That meant that Bandits Gold was dependent on the score in Sabotages last match but sadly that did not go our way and we didn’t make the semifinals.

That meant it was up to Bandits Bronze if there was going to be one more trophy on the shelf at the end of the day. And the team stepped up and played some great paintball in some really tense matches. 3-0 against Vendetta, 3-1 against Mayhem, 1-3 against Oslo Paintball Kids and 3-2 against Dominators sent the team through to the semifinal against Devils from MASH. A great accomplishment with several new players, and some of them fighting through fever and coughs!
Again the match against Devils was a long, tense affair with players running out of paint but in the end the score was 2-1 for the Devils.

For third place Bandits faced off against a very strong Oslo Paintball kids with some former CPL players on their rooster, but managed to come out on top in a controversial game that went to overtime. Well done!

In the final Sabotage beat Devils, so there has been a new winner in every event so far this season in a very competitive Elite division.

On Sunday morning 20 teams battled it out in Division 2. Slagen Bandits White and Slagen Bandits Yellow both made the quarterfinals but were both knocked out and ended placing 5th and 8th.
Division 1 consisted of 12 teams. Slagen Bandits Silver and Slagen Bandits Green both did really well in the prelims going 6-2 and ended up meeting each other in the semi-finals. Slagen Bandits Silver won that match and faced up with Oslo Paintball in the finals. In the end Slagen Bandits Silver took their second first place finish this season and Slagen Bandits Green took 4th place.

So after the tournament was finished we ended up with two new trophies on our shelf. :)

Thanks to our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Hybrid Foto, Dark Sports, Game-on, Spine/Gloube Souldiers, Goldhammer, Slagen Paintball, Snø, KM Straps and Tanked. Thanks for helping us out guys and girls!

And of course a big thanx to the 42 teams who helped make this a great weekend of paintball!

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Lucky 15's

We get quite a few e-mails every week from teams around the world telling us their story. It might be about a win, a loss or something just cool that’s happened to them. We read them all, some are very average and some are great, and sometimes they are just something quite special.

Below is a video sent to us from a UK Paintball team called ‘The Lucky 15’s’. They are lead by Ainsley Baddeley and this video is no more than a thanks to his players and the people that have helped the team to get to where they are today. They are not a Pro teams fighting for the Millennium Series championship they are a team of dedicated, passionate paintball players that are working their way through the ranks one step at a time, through hard work, great leadership and determination.

I personally have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the Lucky 15’s over the last year or so and they are a great bunch of guys with very little to no sponsorship and still they manage to look this good and produce a video like this. There are a lot of teams out there that should take a leaf out of the Lucky 15’s book!

If there are any Sponsors out there looking to pick up a team of down to earth, emerging, dedicated Paintball players, you won’t go far wrong with the Lucky 15’s !!!

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