Stolen EGO @ Millennium Series

At the recent London, England Millennium Series some dirty low life scum of the earth stole a Planet Eclipse EGO11 Midnight Black from the Planet Eclipse Booth.

We are not 100% sure if it was a Paintballer or public, but things like this make me sick. We try to keep the booths as open, welcoming & friendly as possible. But the 0.001% of people in the world that think they have the right to ‘Take’ other people’s property really makes you think ‘Is It Worth It?’

If anyone has any information about this and any other thefts (other booths had product stolen we believe) that happened over the weekend of 28th June – 1st July then please let us know so we can inform the police. If you’re offered this or anything that seems too good to be true, then it probably is!!

This marker is now flagged in our database as stolen and if it appears on the radar the appropriate action will happen. Don’t be a mug and give these people a reason to steal YOUR stuff next time… If we cut off the demand there will be no reason for these scum bags to steal to supply the demand.

Serial Number: 90130-78304

Serial Number: 90130-78304


  1. Well it is an expensive marker. the price tag makes it VERY tempting to people who want this Ego. maybe make the marker cheaper??


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