Viper Texas Revolution !

Viper's annual Texas Revolution has been running for 17 years now and has attracted players from all over the world to Texas for this legendary event. This year's futuristic theme was "Tech Wars" and had players from all over the USA as well as China and Norway.

Inspired by the Mech Wars and BattleTech tabletop and video games this event made history as the first paintball event to actually integrate a video game into the paintball scenario. Eight immersive gaming pods were provided by MechCorps ( and the commanders would pit four person teams against each other as they piloted forty-foot-tall armored robots and fought for the resources of different planets. These battles yielded extra supplies for the winner which, in turn, were presented to the commanders for use in completing missions on the field.

Of course there was an awesome prize package at the end awarded to players by random drawing. One lucky player won a brand new Etha marker from our good friends at Planet Eclipse! Please visit for more Eclipse news and product information!

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