CBP Brasil

The autumn fell on Sunday May 26, 2013 for the second event  of the Brasilian Paintball Circuit (CBP) , held in São Paulo, Brasil.. Hosting the event was Rodrigo Fukuoka ,owner of MegaPlay Paintball Arena. The event was electrifying from beginning to end, as in all previous events and has been since 2007, the year that the league began and was realized. 

Attending were 35 teams registered with: 11 teams in the Open division and 24 teams in the Amateur. Each team can sign 5-7 players. This event totaled 221 players. The CBP Championship has been held for over 6 years, and all CBP Events are performed in the city of São Paulo, in MegaPlay Paintball’s Arena.. Averaging 36 teams per event. 

In the Finals for the Open Division Jungle Boys vs Papaletto, Papaletto have been a long time Planet Eclipse Sponsored Team. Papaletto showed they had what it takes and took the championship along with the bragging rights. Following in 3rd were MegaPlay PB Team and 4th Ninjinhas. In the Amateur Division top honors went to   1st Sabotagem followed by 2nd SpeedFreaks 3rd Bushido Fire 4th MegaPlay PB Team Jr. 

 If you are in Brasil, be sure to check out event #3 on August           

The tournament featured teams from various states of the country like Rio de Janeiro, Recife, and Ribeirao Preto. The league has the experience of Rodrigo Fukuoka, player, organizer and owner of MegaPlay Paintball Arena. He already has at least 15 years of road in paintball.

I'm sure PJ one of the Planet Eclipse Pro-Tech-Tours will be on hand to fine tune your Planet Eclipse markers and keep you in the game...

Well Done to all of the Planet Eclipse teams and players...

The Emortal Army is strong in Brasil....