Team Urho - 1st in Finnish Woodsball Champinship 1st event.

The Finnish Paintball League is one of the oldest leagues in the world. At some point in history the league was split up. Now today the woodsball league feels totally like old school paintball and so are the players of the top two teams where some are the dinosaurs of paintball. Our team URHO plays in both the SPBL and the woodsball League and won the Championship last year and took first spot of the first round now in the forests of Nokia. 

The weather was very cold with subzero in the morning and during the day even a small rain came down as hail. Our gear performed flawlessly and we shot down opponents with ease. Only total of three players (from fifty possible), in ten games, got somehow shot :-)  Even though the field was pretty small - quite perfect for the 5-man games. Old school paintball is still fun where legends get to meet fresh players.