Ryan Greenspan, the IVCore and the GEO3.5

At the very highest level, professional paintballers get to play the sport they love in a lot of great places around the world, but the constant traveling, eating in airports, dodgy hotel room beds and time away from home can be a stress on anyone who'd rather chill on the sofa.

This is not true of San Diego Dynasty's Ryan Greenspan. He LOVES to travel. And he loves to create cool little videos of his experiences which gives us a little more insight into how one of the game's biggest stars manages to make the most of his global travels, in between winning events and teaching people how to play.

However, he regretted the day he took an innocent trip to Planet Eclipse HQ in Manchester. As soon as his smiling face came through our front door we put him straight to work with a bit of modelling and a barrage of questions about him and what he thinks of our latest products, the GEO3.5 and the IVCore bolt assembly. We did treat him to lunch though. And beer.

So Ryan, welcome to Planet Eclipse HQ, how are things? Coffee?
RG: I'm good, coffee sounds great thanks.

Your Ryan’s travels videos are awesome to watch. Is this something you have a passion for or have you just grown to make something positive out of something you have to do a lot of? 
RG: I have always had a passion to travel and I also like to tell the stories that go along with those. I want to let people live vicariously through my travels and perils, at times. I am restricted quite a bit on my videos and story telling because my resources are incredibly limited. All I literally have is my GoPro and a computer with a small editing program on it.  f I had more resources we could see Ryan's Travels go to the next level! I can only do so much while holding a camera in front of my face!! 

If the end of the world was about to happen have you visited THE place that you’d like to spend your last day on Earth? 
RG: Tough question. I do love San Diego when I get to be home. I really enjoy south and central America. If I had to grab a small stack of cash and leave town, you could probably find me in S. America. 

You did a clinic at CPPS (UK) recently didn't you? It’s a great venue. When was the last time you did one in the UK?
RG: I actually did one last year at Shockwave Paintball I think it was. We had over 20 guys out there all super stoked on learning. It is always good to get out and teach some paintball to hungry players who want to learn. 

You also do clinics all over the world.  Do you think there are obvious differences between how different nations think about, and play the game? Any potential out there?
RG: There are always some great players out there and some guys who really get it. Then, there is the other side of the spectrum where there are guys who just don't get it. But, the big take away from all of that is everyone loves playing whether they get it or not. A player can be struggling all day, then they start to hit targets or get the drill done right and next thing you know they are so happy. That is what I look for, improvement, progression and fun. 

You also do some awesome paintball marker test videos too, like the GEO efficiency tests you've been doing. Have you noticed any real advancements over the past few years in how the GEO operates and performs?
RG: For sure there is a noticeable increase in efficiency each time something new comes out. But moreover, the marker just seems to be a lot better in terms of feel, accuracy and efficiency with every major improvement.

Our latest GEO, the 3.5, is powered by the IVCore drivetrain,. How big an impact on efficiency do you think the IVCore has had on the GEO platform?
RG: This upgrade was a night and day difference. This was a HUGE component in helping us to win the MAO event. We were able to shoot more paint than any other team! The Art Chaos and Ironmen guys both have said to me that they just couldn't compete in that type of long shooting game cause they just couldn't get that amount of paint out of their markers. 

What does that mean in real terms? As in, on the field noticeable results? 
RG: It's just as I have said before. You can shoot more paint, so that translates into more versatility in game plans. You don't have to worry about air consumption anymore. Also, for those of you who don't have the luxury of 4500psi fills, a bolt that has better efficiency means that you're getting more out of your 3000 fills.

We used to sell custom add-on parts, before we designed and made our own markers and the IVCore upgrade is almost like getting back to that again, but with more performance gains. You can now Eclipse your Eclipse marker, which is kinda cool right? 
RG: Yeah, it's always nice for people to be able to customise their gear. Everyone, years and years ago, loved all the small bits and pieces to put on their Autocockers. The thing is, the GEOs and LVs at this point are so good out of the box, there isn't much to attach to them. Until now.

You swear by your GEO, which is great to hear, what would you say to someone who was thinking of buying one? 
RG: I always recommend them because they're especially easy to use and maintain. I think there are like 6-8 o-rings on the entire bolt system, which is nothing for a marker like this! There are three parts in there and pretty much everything can be solved with a bit of grease. If our guys can trouble shoot their markers, pretty much anyone can.

Ok Ryan, appreciate you hanging out with us and answering a few questions. Now, let's get lunch and beer.

You can check out Ryan's travels, as well as all his other videos at his YouTube channel.

See his life through pictures on his Instagram Channel.

And search for Ryan Greenspan on Facebook for his day-to-day updates on paintball, life and everything else.