Raskals 2014

Team Raskal train hard throughout the season but without any tournaments for nearly one year to hone and put all their practice to test and use has blunted their effectiveness. Raskal started PALS WCA 2014 as the clear favourite and led by team Captain Ab Aziz Ahmad and Vice Captain Mohd Reza Yusop. Team Raskal stormed all the other team in the preliminaries with out any losses. Team Raskal played 4 games on Friday with great results and winning 3 more games on Saturday morning before 6 of their team mates had to report for duty for the Nation Cup games that started at 7.45pm ended past 11.00pm.

The WCA 2014 Champion Aisawan from Thailand was beaten 3-1 by Raskal in the preliminary but in the Semi Finals Raskal lost to team STK of Australia 3-2 in overtime. I suggest that team Raskal was fatigue and mentally and physically drained from the previous night’s exertions against team USA and other games in the Nation’s Cup which finished nearly at midnight the day before and to play the Semi Final at mid morning the following day was clearly too much. This would the main reason why team Raskal performed below par and losing 3-2 to team STK in overtime. Team Raskal also lost 3-2 to team Datis for the 3rd placing which had Maximus and Bear guesting for them. 

Team Raskal will continue to train and fight and will be back in PALS WCA 2015 to put a claim on the WCA crown.

Team Raskal would like to thank all their sponsors for their continued support and encouragement and for all the fantastic equipment. Our sponsors are, Ledz and Planet Eclipse for our out of this world Geos and Egos and apparels, Gelkaps Sports for all the training and tournament paintballs, Skirmish Paintball Asia for all the team management, tournament sponsorship and support, Virtue for the Spire Loaders and VIO goggles, Exalt for the Cleats, Xtion Paintball for their training facility and our Corporate sponsors, Meccanica Efx, Pangkin and Potosan Corner.

Thank you all

Team Raskal Captain - Ab Aziz Ahmad #73