Operation Raskals is Reborn !!!

Modelled and based on the original Planet Eclipse team - Operation Sandbaggers, to bring together old and retired players, Planet Eclipse Dealers and Event Organisers for each region. In Asia we have the local version of Operation Sandbaggers - team Operation Raskals. This team first came into being in 2009 PALS World Cup Asia and led by the man himself Ledz. It was reformed for PALS WCA 2014 to bring together and bond the regional Planet Eclipse Dealers in harmony and to create the suitable enviroment and atmosphere to bring this Emortal Army to life. 

We have, ahem Ladies first;

1. Ms Jane Koh - Planet Eclipse Dealer from Singapore, team Owner and Planet Eclipse sponsored team Red Seven, Owner and Organiser of the Singapore Paintball Series - SPS and PALS Singapore

2. Mr Tom Chinveerbhand - Planet Eclipse Dealer from Thailand, team Owner and Planet Eclipse sponsored team Demonic, Owner and Organiser of the Thai Paintball Official Legaue - TPOC and PALS Thailand.

3. Mr Reza Badrian - Planet Eclipse Dealer from Iran,  team Owner and Planet Eclipse sponsored team Ariyaman, Organiser of the Iranian Paintball League - IPL.

4. Mr Andrew Loh - Planet Eclipse Dealer in KL,  team Owner and Planet Eclipse sponsored team Dragonz, Owner and Organiser of the WPPL - World Paintball Players League.

5. Mr Robert Podzerka - Planet Eclipse Master Tech - Original member of team Operation Raskal in 2009

6. Mr Dean CK Lau aka the Bear - Founder of team Raskal and pioneer of the paintball Industry in Malaysia. Original member of team Operation Raskal 2009

7. Mr Mohd Khairulanaur aka Squiffy aka Ghost - Flatliner and still got up to play from team Raskal!!!

8. Mr Kamarul Nadly aka Kecik - latest member to team Raskal and the smallest size.

9. Mr TC Gan - oldest member and almost heavyweight.

Team Operation Raskal preformed extremely well in the preliminaries without losing a game in PALS WCA 2014 but somewhat ran out of steam on the 2nd day and missing the the final cut to the semis but some ED points. The most important point for this team is the coming together of all the Planet Eclipse Asian Dealers and getting to know each other and understanding each other’s region and to promote Planet Eclipse paintball products to their masses in their respected countries. 

Together we are the Emortal Army Asia. March On….

'It's still allowed to be about FUN'