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Friday, 28 February 2014

A Reason to Cheer !!!!!

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Over the past six years the paintball media landscape has shifted.  Not long ago the average player could walk into his local bookstore or even grocery store and buy 200 pages of articles, photos, and ads for the latest gear.  Players in the right markets could pick from half a dozen choices on the magazine rack.  Paintballers whose tournament experience culminated at three man pick-up games on pallet-and-barrel local speedball fields could immerse themselves in the national tournament scene, the teams, the standouts, the game-winners.

Fast forward to the present day when any paintballer with internet access can pull down massive amounts of high quality photos, video, and text from all corners of the Web.  It’s a media-rich environment, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a new positive for paintball.  For every slick clip of paintball action, there are ten poorly-written posts, five long unedited practice videos and a couple of hard-to-watch gun cam movies.  What the magazines offered was a curated experience.  The better magazines gave readers a balanced and insightful look into the current paintball scene.  They had tournament coverage, scenario write-ups, tips to improve one’s game, gear reviews, and commentary written by experts.  The editors who refused to shy away from long articles gave their writers the chance to develop a story, flesh out the characters, and hook their readers.  Boiling a tournament or scenario event down to 500 words (or less) might make for a quick read, but it’s not facts that spark the imagination or that develop loyalty, it’s people and their stories.

All one has to do is look at the meteoric rise of the UFC for proof.  They realize that they can pull in a small hardcore audience for any fight, but to really draw big numbers they have to tell a story and get their audience to care about at least one of the fighters.  That’s why, before every big event, they produce these sharp video bios of the competitors, so the viewers can see them as people.  That’s why they love it when fighters appear to have bad blood between them; it’s a story – the oldest story – anger or jealousy or bitter rivalry.  When there’s a fight between mismatched opponents, they hype the underdog’s chances, because everyone loves a Cinderella story.  The UFC knows what sells, and the fight itself is a relatively small part of the equation.

That bring me to ETV’s The Roster.  In 2004 I read every paintball magazine cover to cover.  I started playing tournaments.  I could name just about every rostered professional in the game.  By 2009, except for the few who had remained on teams, I could hardly name anyone.  As the magazines disappeared and article length shrank, I didn’t find the stories or the people to create any loyalty.  Patrick Spohrer’s films (of Monkey with a Gun fame) would have been just the right fix, but without the articles to make me want to learn more, I was reluctant to spend the cash on DVDs about a side of the sport that had lost my interest.  Enter the Artifact series.  Quality filming combined with a depth of story-telling and analysis drew me back into the tournament scene.  On the back of the Red Sunday series, I cheered for Omaha Vicious.  That spurred me to actually watch PSP tournaments, as they aired, live on Paintball Access.  And now, with the new season of The Roster, I’m catching the episodes on the day they’re released. The show gives me, a die-hard scenario player, a reason to watch tournament paintball.  I’ve learned the story of X-Factor, their players, their struggles.  I’m actually replaying games from 2013 because I have a reason to.  I’m hooked, and I want more.

Paintball needs new blood, and if tournament paintball is going to grow, it has to have fans. Paintball can pull an audience if people are drawn to the players and their stories, otherwise every match is just another fight, and only the hardcore fans (the players themselves) will watch.  So, do your part to build the sport.  Show someone The Roster.  Give them a reason to cheer.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Dynasty Win the first event of the year !!

Ryan Greenspan tell us about Dynasty first event of the year....

We are starting to make a tradition of this; year two of our, now annual, trip to the first UWL of the year!  Last season Dynasty, with a newly revamped and fresh team, got the guys together early for a fun, team bonding game in the woods.  We ended up taking second place last year in the opening event, a great jumping point for a great season last year.  This year, so far, only differed from our placing…

The team is still lazily coming off our off season and we decided it should be fun to brush off some dust in the woods again.  A lot of people don't quite realize that the core of Dynasty started before an air ball bunker was even created, let alone ramping paintball markers!  So, we have a bit of experience in this area. 

For those unfamiliar with the UWL rules, there are five players on each team that include a "heavy gunner" who gets an uncapped fully auto marker. There's a "ranger" who gets to break out five seconds before the rest of the team, giving him a head start.  Then the rest of the roster is compromised of regular "Infantry" players possessing no real bonus perks.  The objective, like most games, is to secure a flag, or in this case flags.  There are two flags on either tape line along the 50 yard line which, when raised in your team's color, give you one point per minute.  Then there is one flag near each team's starting base which gives the opposing team 15 points when raised.  Then there are points awarded for each elimination and another bonus item hidden in the middle of the field worth another nine points.  It certainly takes some time to get used to, but it makes for a very fun game!

For Dynasty; Yosh, Tyler, Blake, Dalton, Brandon and I were there all draped out in camo and ready to rock the woods!  These events are much more laid back than a normal tournament and players seem to share more "war stories" with each other than your typical PSP event.  there is something about playing woods ball that really takes you back to the first time you played, there is a crazy bit of nostalgia.  You are more in the action it seems as every tree branch can frustratingly be in the way of a seemingly clear shot.  the spray from hiding behind a stick pile is intense.  There is a lot more riding on the side of the field you choose to start from because one side has more cover than the other. 

The event was run in just one round, with the final game being between us and the GI Factory team comprised of Dave Bains, bear Degidio, Alex goldman, Damian Ryan and Rainy Stanzack.  This was certainly our toughest game.  It came down to a crazy fire fight and a timed reincarnation which allowed both teams to come back in full force.  Luckily, for us, Yosh and Brandon had pushed through to their flag base in in the first half to secure the 15 points, along with blake and Tyler grabbing each 50 yard line flag for the duration of the game.  It came down to Dalton, in his last day as a Dynasty player, coming through and stopping Damian Ryan from "back dooring" us!  

The end was a great win for us, but most of all, it was fun and that is what paintball is at the end of the day; a fun game played with your friends!

Thanks to Tom Cole for organizing this event.  Thank you to Planet Eclipse for outfitting us with the perfect woods ball markers.  Thank you to HK ARMY for creating some great scenario gear for the team to experiment with. And thank you to The Paintball Park at Camp Pendleton and Paintball Tickets for giving us a fun set of both tournament parks and woods ball fields to play on!

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday, 9 February 2014

She's Gonna 'LV1' It !!!

It's your choice.... You can give the Lady in your life some flowers that will die in a week...

Or you could give her something you can borrow :-)

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bad Moji 2013..... 2014..... and beyond !!!

So 2013 is done and dusted...

At the start of the season we decided that we wanted to broaden our paintball playing experiences!
We wanted to play more games overseas, we wanted to attend more scenario games and we wanted to delve in to the world of Tournament paintball in the forms of The UWL and SupAir at The CPPS events!

Let’s start with The UWL…. Run by Shoreline and held at 2 locations North and South of England the idea was to make sure as many teams could get to a location and play. YPC in Selby ran the North Events and Campaign Paintball in Cobham, Surrey ran the Southern events.

The UWL was set up so that a team’s best 4 recorded finishes counted towards the final rankings.  With 3 legs being held at each Northern and Southern location, teams had the chance to play 6 events before the final round, The UWL Super Cup which was held at the Planet Eclipse Big Game Staargate.

We booked ourselves in to all 3 Southern events and the Super Cup at Staargate played at Powerplay, Wakefield. This was a brand new experience for us and we had not played competitive paintball to this standard before, it was nervy but addictive! Out of all 4 events we finished 4th in our first ever UWL tournament. We also had players ranked in the top 15 (Indie 9th & Jonty 13th - unlucky for some) The UWL gave us the bug for close quarter competitive paintball which led us to look further afield!

We attended many UK scenario events and were Generals for some of those and also managed to squeeze a few trips to Europe.. Shoreline always put on a good show and we like to get to as many of those games as possible, these included a game at a fort in France, Tippmann Challenge UK,
and Staargate. Mixed in with some events by Going Postal and some Skirmish and Mayhem games we probably played 8 Big Game events.

Our newest adventure led us to a wide open field in Penkridge, Cannock, home of The CPPS...
Being from the woods all this inflatable bunker stuff looked a bit, out of place and wrong.. But we had the competitive bug from UWL so just had to try it to see what it was all about.

For 2013 the CPPS opened a new Division played on the Saturday called 'Breakout Division'.  The rules were slightly different than the standard divisional play in an effort to attract new teams to SupAir and for us it worked really well. The FPS is lowered to 280fps from 300fps,
No Ramp setting on markers, Semi only and capped to 10bps and the start gate had a 5 yard box style setup. The benefit of the box is that any player can start from within the box without having to touch the gate, the idea being you could make a bunker quicker and not get shot.

In the first event we managed to place 3rd and although there was a small turn out we were on top most of the day only losing in the finals. We all had a great time and the competitive buzz and adrenaline rush really got us hooked, before the day was out we had booked in for the next event.

We wanted to also try out the Division above Breakout, Div 5 played on the Sunday. So the next CPPS saw us play Saturday and Sunday in a full on SupAir paintballfest. In the Breakout Division we started to think about how the game should be played, we had tactics that we knew we could cross
over from the woods and like any person with a bug for something new we all had been watching the Millennium Webcast and PSP webcast in a hope to pick up some tips and skills.

In our 2nd only attempt at SupAir we walked away with first place in The Breakout Division only dropping 2 points all day.  We felt good and couldn’t wait to hit Div5 the next day. CPPS is an amazing event held at a really well run site by people who really care about the experience you receive.. A big shout to Ainsley, Matt and the rest of the CPPS team for making it what it is and keeping us so hungry for more..

Sunday came and what a change for the Saturday, literally a hundred or so teams turned out for the event and we were immediately put back and slightly intimidated by all the guys in their bright shirts and swanky bling markers...

First game came round and we managed to pick up a draw, we should have won but the fact we decided to pick our pods up before game over saw a few 141's and the team eliminated, lesson learned! Slightly miffed at our lack or knowing the rules, our own fault, we regrouped for the next one and pulled in a win. The success continued and we reached the finals! our 2nd ever visit to a SupAir site and tournament and we hit the finals, a woodsball team... We went on to win the Div5 event and out of a full weekend of SupAir, playing 25 points only dropped 3.. What a buzz..

We returned for a 3rd Breakout event which was sponsored by Eclipse and picked up Ledz as a day coach, we didn’t impress much, losing our first point miserably and getting that look from the Boss.... We re-grouped and pulled off a run of straight wins to see us win the Breakout Division for the 2nd time.. Wanting to better our game we booked in to Div4 for the Sunday, we were hungry for more, its now in our blood this tourney thing..

Saturday didn’t go without any hitches.... In the first point of the day Kirsty decided she needed to 'Ryu flying knee drop' some hard ground before a bunker and managed to pop her knee cap which ended up half way down her shin!  It was a grim sight!  We applaud John from Sandbaggers for taking her straight to A+E.. So I need to add that we did have the help of some others on the Saturday, namely Dog Soldiers & Shoreline Rangers, our fellow woodsball comrades.. So many people said she'd be out for a good few weeks but guess what.. not wanting to let the team down and leave 4 players fighting against 5, Kirsty sucked it up like a boss and played on the Sunday, knee cap having been popped back in place!  We made her cover the back centre so she didn’t have to
run! She did a great job all day..  It’s fair to say that despite the big injury we were playing with 4 and a 1/2 as it was simply impossible to move with that type of injury.  We gave it our all and walked away just shy of a podium finish which we thought was well deserved considering our situation..
SupAir is something that has now firmly attached itself with each member of the team and we are keen to play more events for sure.

So to sum up 2013 with some highlights we need to mention a 3rd place podium finish at the UWL Super Cup played on the Saturday before the Planet Eclipse Big Game 'Staargate' Only losing out to Sand Baggers North & South who placed 1st and 2nd!!  Top of the table overall 4th place finish in our first competitive UWL event.. Staargate itself in which Indie helped lead 1 of 3 Red factions to a overall win, beating Ledz and his gang who opted to play for the Blues!

Leadership / General Roles for 4 of the Big Scenario Games and some overseas battles in France.
2 Breakout Divisional wins at the CPPS, 1 Division 5 Win and a top table Division 4 finish.

We want to thank Planet Eclipse for all the support this year, the gear and markers are 1st class and keep us in the game, winning..We are pleased to re-sign with Planet Eclipse for the 2014 season and beyond.

We will have some more exciting news coming soon.. Very soon...

Bad Moji..

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fresh Year, Fresh Blood…..

Sandbaggers kicked off the 2014 season with a 3-man event.. But in true Sandbagger style we decided to make it fun and bring in some New Blood… Chris Latham and Al Woods were the backbone of the team (when I say backbone, more like a jellyfish :-) Chris took alone his son Jack (13 years old), who had been pot bitch for the Sandbaggers in 2013. Kitted him up with Planet gear and an Etha and away they rocked. 10 Games, 10 wins (with Jack winning 2 one on ones…)

Thanks to our sponsors. Without you guys we would still be in the pub and little Jack would have to wait outside…

Baggin Ain’t Easy !!