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Monday, 28 December 2015

Black Karma Get New Toys.

In November, we attended one of our favorite games of the year, Game of Thrones 4 produced by Millennium Paintball Productions.  The producer, Ben Torricelli, takes great care into making sure the game will be great event for all that attend between the elaborate missions and one-on-one tournament where players fight for a sword.  This year’s installment placed the Tyrell House against the Freemen House.  Our task at game on was to hold off a force of 200 with only 30 defending.  Eventually after attrition took its toll, we helped push towards our base and stretch to our favorite spot on the field, the schoolhouse (Frostfang for this event).  The speedball missions were fun as well in western town (Giant’s Pass).

This year we had a few new pieces of equipment in attendance: Planet Eclipse’s CS1 and the Gtek.  Both of them made me giggle with anticipation and excitement after shooting them.  I cannot say enough about how smooth both of these markers shoot and how easy it is to maintain.  I know that we will soon purchase a team Gtek for anyone to test drive at events we are at and for a solid back-up for next season’s UWL schedule.  Feel free to ask any one of us to see any of the Planet Eclipse stable of products when at an event.

In early December, we participated in “Hunt for Santa’s Claws” at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN.  This was our annual Toys for Tots game where we collected for area residents in need.  It was a good day of games where we got to see a lot of friends both old and new. 

In this Holiday Season, we wish the best for you and your family and look forward to the coming year.  Next year I am sure will bring new UWL events and scenarios around the region, more exiting gear from Planet Eclipse, and maybe even a new cobbler recipe or two.  Make sure to check our Facebook page for updates for our schedule, practices, and exiting new produces from Planet Eclipse.  
Save the date on your calendars for next year around Fall for MPP’s Game of Thrones 5, as one of our own will assist Paul Bollenbach in leading the Stark House against the Dothraki House.  I am sure this will be an epic battle as we push toward being the sole owners of the Throne of Swords.  

         WINTER IS COMING!!!          

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Rebels, tour of Norway- final stage…

Last round of the Norwegian Paintball League were played in Degernes, a redneck county near the Swedish border. The home-team has the best suited team name of all: Degernes Rednecks. The Rednecks have worked a lot on their field since last year and did a good job arranging the last event.

The last event is filled with a lot of excitement; it’s not only the winners of this event that will be crowned, but also the winners of the whole season. It’s been tight in all divisions and in Elite the top teams were only a few points apart….

Rebels started off against a strong mix-team called Nurkets Crew, the control was on Rebels side, but they still gave away some points on not so smart moves. The result ended 4:2 to Rebels

Next up was Blast, last time they met in NPL3 Rebels held them in the back bunkers using loads of paint and taking the win. This time someone had a great idea – why not play M500 to save paint? As expected, that was not in favor of Rebels and the Blast-train won this game 4:0

Last prelim game was the hosts Degernes Rednecks, Rebels took an early lead and held their ground, not giving them a chance, making the time run out on the score 3:1

Semifinals, Rebels met Xsportz, a team proven worthy of the top placings in NPL this year. The game went back and forth but this time Xsportz was too strong and Rebels lost 3:4.

Feeling a bit dejected, the team scraped themselves clean of the mud and disappointment and got ready for their last match. It’s always hard to motivate yourself for the bronze finals, but it’s always better to end the day with a win and podium finish before you start the long trip home.

In the bronze-finals they met the wildcard DC Devils, a D1 team wanting to try out playing in the big leagues. And being in the bronze finals they had proven that they most definitely could be there. Rebels played a good controlled game and steered the bronze-final in to a win 4:0

Despite several missing players in the first tournaments of the Norwegian season, 2nd place overall in the Norwegian League 2015 is not too shabby - even if the goal always is and will be 1st place J

Congrats to Rebels with a positive Norwegian season and 2nd place in the NPL overall in 2015

Rebels want to thank our sponsors for having our backs and believing in us: Planet Eclipse and Virtue Paintball for awesome equipment, Anthrax for rocking cool jerseys and coffee in their booth. Cartel and Sæther Foto for making us look good. We would also like to thank: Fight Back Design, PBgear, RVS, JKS rør, Energima and Proteinfabrikken

And a big thanx to everyone that helped us out during the tournament, you make our life so much easier :-)