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Staargate Time!

NEW Eclipse Marker Bags

Tag & Brag Africa Cup 2012

NEW Eclipse Classic Kit Bag

RED STRIKE - Viper Scenario Game Aug 25th-26th

NEW Eclipse Gravel Backpack

20th Anniversary Marker on eBay ENDING SOON

NEW Planet Eclipse Split Compact Bag

PB3X D-Day Special On-Line & FREE NOW

The Largest Iberian Recball Event 2012

Platoon V - Poland 27th - 29th July

FREE ETHA Rentals @ Paintfest (Diamond Wars)

The Perfect Fusion @ LVP

Video Round Up...

PBA - PSP Chicago Open Stats are up......

ETV Veckring Video... FREE on Youtube !!

Under 19's Euro Championship & UK U19 Try Outs

Charity Auction (s) for 20th Anniversary Markers

PBX3 July 2012 - OUT NOW - FREE !!!

Random Stuff on ebay !

American Gangsters - by Viper

Manchester Firm - Open Day

2012 PSP Chicago Top 10 Plays (Part 1)

MSXL Info and Video !!

A Short Paintball Video by Dave McAuley

BCP 3-Man THIS WEEKEND Last change to sign up !

Mike from TechPB & the GEO3 (Video)

Millennium Paris, Looks like being a BIG one !

Paintball on Malaysian TV

Ledz & Eilidh's Wedding Video (s)

Why yes, we will have another one......

The Paintball Show.TV - Coming Soon !

EMC Sneak Peak from Capital Offense (Video)