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Adventures at NXL Amsterdam

For the past few years, since Christmas day 2013, the Malaysian paintball industry suffered greatly with the introduction of paintball marker controls which required Firearm permits or licenses to own and use. All paintball fields, centres, paintball events and tournaments collapsed and closed down together with all the paintball stores.

However to buck the trend, with careful negotiation with the Federal authorities and with the full hearted sponsorship, support, advise and encouragement from Ledz at Planet Eclipse, the Eclipse Paintball Series EPS - was born and began operation in early 2015. Adhering to strict SOP from the Federal authorities, paintball tournaments were brought back to life but not without its difficulties and hard work.
After 5 hard and long years, EPS paintball series successfully bore fruits with the recognition by Planet Eclipse, ProShar, Virtue and GOG Paintball and becoming ProShar EPS in 2019. The vision of EPS is to revive the local paintball industry and f…

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