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EMF100 - So good they are stealing them!

Yes, i t’s happened again! A recent shipment from the UK to Germany had a pallet cut open and 40 EMF100’s stolen. Nobody was hurt and investigations are still carrying on but it does mean that there are some stolen EMF100 markers out in the wild, and in the hands of criminals. We will register these on our database and if any of these markers surface we will report the details to the police. At this stage we don't know if the markers were taken in the UK or in transit to Germany however, the UK Police in Kent have taken on the case and the crime reference number is 46/123918/21 . If you buy these markers, even if they are cheap, we give the criminals a reason to steal more and next time it might be your pride and joy that is stolen. You will be receiving stolen goods and can (and will) have them taken back off you by the police. If you have any information you can contact crime stoppers ANONYMOUSLY here: EMF100 (Black) Serial Numbers: 17060-1665

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