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Are you winding me up?

Now that CF20 mags are hitting the stores around the World we have heard a few people saying that the winding up of mag isn’t easy. Well, firstly always make sure that the top mag roller shutter door is OPEN when you wind the CF20 mag up that will make it a lot easier. Second, you can always use a 1/8 " Allen key (velocity key) to wind up the mag and if that’s not good enough here are a couple of other solutions you might like. have prototype winders in stock and are very inexpensive. Simple easy wind up tool: CLICK HERE We also designed one here for winding up the test mags over and over again and had it 3D printed. A little on the over engineered side but does a great job of winding up in seconds. We have uploaded this ‘crank’ design for people to download (for free) and to 3D print if they would like. We recommend printing in nylon using an SLS or MJF 3D printer. Crank style magazine winder for the Planet Eclipse CF20 magazine. Comprises of three parts (Handle, A

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