Campaign Cup Results.....

The UK Millennium Series Leg has now finished, the dust has settled and the winners have been crowned. A great turnout from the UK teams for once which even made a few of the Millennium board smile, which is rare.

Planet Eclipse launched a couple of new products at Campaign Cup. The Eclipse EGO10 the latest and greatest EGO we have ever made… Check out for more info, or read below!! We also had the GEO GST Kit installed in a lot of the GEO Shooting players at Campaign Cup. This product has been in test now for a few months and was used to devastating efficiency during the whole event… The GST (Geo Soft Touch) Kit should be shipping this week from Planet HQ in the UK.

Eclipse teams stepped up to the plate across the board with some great results… The Pro division (CPL) saw Eclipse teams taking both 1st and 2nd Place in what can on be described as a ‘Classic’ Final match. SK Moscow Vs Chilli Peppers Riga. In the final race to 5 points Chilli Peppers Riga took a very impressive lead over SK Moscow 4 – Nil. SK were all but done at this point. But the 'Never Say Die' attitude started to pave the way for a mammoth comeback bringing the score back to 4 – 4. The final points came down to a 1 on 1 which after some cat and mouse play, completed SK Moscow’s amazing comeback and Campaign Cup CPL victory. Not bad from a team that won Campaign Cup last season but in the SPL (Semi Pro) Division. Well done to both these teams. And too all of the other Eclipse teams that took podium spots at Campaign Cup:

1st Place CPL .. SK Moscow
2nd Place CPL.. Chilli Peppers Riga
4th Place SPL.. Paris Camp Carnage
2nd Place Div 1 .. Amsterdam Sabotage

2nd Place Div 2 .. Fat Ladies Charms
3rd Place Div 2 .. Dogs D Amour Thessaloniki

Great Results… The Emortal Army Rolls on and on !!