MTV Filming @ CPX

One of our Emortal Army spies managed to get some intel through to us the other day of yet another filming session at CPX Sports in Chicago. Info is still a little thin on the ground but the info we do know is that MTV were down at CPX filming. The host of the show was using an Eclipse GEO (see picture).... The GEO looks like it took a bit of a beating durng filming but we have heard from a very reliable source that the GEO "Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!"

We also had this picture sent over from the MTV shoot. Eclipse EGO machine gun nest... I LIKE... Got to get myself one of those....

When more intel comes through i'll post show times etc.

Signing Out.. Agent Ledz...


  1. that geo almost looks like it has a really cool splash ano job on it... and ALL ego's are machine guns if you know to shoot them... i got my sl94 up to 48bps... CRAZY


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