Paintball On TV !!!

Paintball is no longer a word you say and people look at you like you have just stepped out of some space capsule. Paintball is now a mainstream activity now and a lot of that is due to Paintball appearing in movies, TV shows and even commercials (like the new Budweiser Advert) around the world…

The latest in a long line TV shows featuring Paintball is the Paul O’Grady show. They popped over to the always impressive CPX Sports in Chicago to film a nice little piece for the show at the town of Bedlam…

And before you all hate on it… ANY paintball on TV is a great thing for paintball!!


  1. he was out WAY before he called himself out... haha... good to see its coming back... the best by far was watching paintball on ESPN years back

  2. A good scenario paintballer knows you NEVER call off the tanks!!!


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