White Out !

Normally at this time of the year an inch of snow will fall on the ground and the whole of England will grind to a halt. As you might have seen in the news this time around there has been record snowfall all over the UK which has caused us some major issues. People are stranded in their cars, businesses closed, I even ran out of hot sauce the other day (don’t worry it’s sorted now).

The bad weather has also affected Planet’s head office in Manchester; deliveries are delayed across the board, but the Planet staff are making a big effort to get into work and to fill orders. There are going to be delays that are out of our hands like the UPS truck getting stuff at the top of your road etc, so please bare with us.

With more snow forecast for Friday we have decided to close the store this Saturday (9th Jan) so please take note if you plan on coming to the Manchester, UK store. In fact I’d give the store a wide berth until the snow clears as the roads leading to Planet are not very good at all (some would say the same when it’s warm :-)

If you have snow I hope you’re enjoying it all wrapped up (I want to see pictures of your Eclipse Snowmen)… This is Stoney’s attempt… Bit poor really. I’ll even give a prize for the best Eclipse Snowman!! Send your pics to

Have fun and stay safe and warm..