The Black Bandits - Make The Finals !!

September 1st at Paintball De Naaldhof Oss it was time for the important final fifth leg of the Dutch Scenario Competition. This fifth leg is the last opportunity this season to qualify for the season finals. The top4 teams with the highest win% of all games played this season will qualify for the October Finals.

To qualify for the finals we had to win two out of the four games this leg. A challenging day because almost all of the teams currently ranked in the top 4 were playing this leg.

Our first game was scheduled against Fubar. Fubar has won the season title in previous years. In the last leg we were the first team to beat them this season. So we knew we were able to get this one done. Fully focused, pumped up with adrenaline and energy we started this first game. We were able to quickly break through their right flank and push them back. They tried to recover with a restart, When a restart is called by a team everyone in the field has to get back to their own deadbox within 30 seconds and the game has a fresh start. FUBAR wasn’t able to recover and we won this game with great numbers 17-79. This is perhaps the biggest loss for Fubar ever. And we hoped that the day would be like the well known phrase: “A good start is half the work”.

We continued this flow in our matches against El Torro 81 – 21. And in the afternoon we also won the game against our biggest rivals in the ranking for the season finals; Bad Company 85-10. The last game of the day was against Madball. But not Madball or the Bandits loose a single game yet this day and by some of the players (and referee’s) it was already called the match of the day Madball plays the NSC this season with the support of SupAir pro´s of Amsterdam Heat, another Planet Eclipse sponsored team. And while they had to adapt to this type of gameplay this woods field was small setup with the possibilities of a quick gameplan, something they are more used to.

Before the match there was some healthy rivalry between the teams. Both teams wished each other good luck at the start and it was time to rock and roll. Madball had a strong opening, they were able to eliminate our center field players with annoying lines of paint. After some more heavy paint battles they were able to push through our left flank. We were not able to adapt quickly enough so we lost a lot of players within the first respawn. There was a nice fight for the swing base  going from Bandits to Madball to Bandits to Madball multiple times. We were able to keep our own flag until the last 30 seconds of the game but we were never able to get control of this game and lost with 32-70.

We won three of our four games today and therefore we qualified for the Season Finals!

Looking back to this season this is a great result! Overall the level of gameplay  of the NSC raised enormously . With new comers like Madball/Heat and guest teams like (supair team) Aggression we had a tough time qualifying. But in the three legs we played this season we end one time as Winners and two times as Runnerups. We won all games against Fubar, the NSC champion for multiple years in a row now. And we hope we can continue this streak as we have to play 2 games against Fubar in the first round of the Finals in October.

We would like to say thanks to the NSC for making this possible, de Naaldhof for hosting this leg and Praetorians for marshalling. Thanks to all participating teams for this nice season so far. We really like the friendly atmosphere in the NSC competition. It really feels like a bunch of friends playing! And while we play against each other in the NSC we play as one team in the European Biggames. We have showed Europe that we got a high level of scenario paintball in the Netherlands!

As TC i would Salute to our Bandits that showed their commitment this season and i am proud of all the progress we made as a team. Working on the technique, tactics and communication during all our days in the field.

And a big bow for our sponsors who are supporting us in our journey to success: Planet Eclipse, Fejo, Paintball Supplies, Hasselhoff Photograpy, and GI Sportz.