EPPL - Ecuador

Over 24 teams were in attendance April 11th through the 13th, 2014 playing in 3 divisions at the EPPL (Ecuadorian Professional Paintball League) paintball tournament on the beautiful beaches of Salinas, Ecuador.  

Since its inception in 2010, the league has improved on all aspects – reffing, team attendance and infrastructure.  Edmundo Jordan, owner of Guayaquil Paintball Club was the organizer of the event. 

 Edmundo was very proud that once again, he was able to host the event inside of the Dr. Camilo Gallego Dominguez Soccer Stadium.  PSP ultimate ref David Baker was on hand to handle reffing on the field.  Local teams, Team Monosalvaje and Team Monosalvaje Kids were the talk of the event.  They set the tournament on fire, both coming in undefeated all the way through to finals!  Team Monosalvaje has been proudly sponsored by Planet Eclipse since 2007.  Games were fast and aggressive.  Both squads showed they came to win and both took home the gold!  Congratulations to Team Monosalvaje, D3 Champions and Team Monosalvaje Kids, D5 Champions.  See you all June 6th through the 8th in Esmereldas, Ecuador!

 And a bit of tech support to keep all the Eclipse Family running at 100% is always nice :-)