Once More Into The Breech


Our second foray into the realm of competitive woodsball within the Ultimate Woodsball League started off in the normal Tennessee early spring way – a clear practice day, a rainy and cold game day, followed by a warm game day.  We never can figure out what mother-nature has in store for us, so we prepare for the worst.

Practice day let us work off some of the winter atrophy and learn how to work with a few new players for our team.  Not only did we enjoy working a few points against each other in the “Western Town” at Bearclaw Paintball (Fayetteville, TN), but we also said hello and talked with what we hope to be a regular face at our home field – UWL’s very own Tom Cole.  Tom has one thing that we like a lot – a great following of like minded fellow paintballers that love to go 110% at game time, but also have the mind to play with sportsmanship on and off the field.  This event drew teams from as far away as Wisconsin, New York, and Florida.

This year we wanted to push ourselves in not only 10-man, but also 5-man.  This meant double duty for quite a few of us, but we were up for the challenge.  Tom pushed back the start of the event due to rain, but it eventually developed into a light drizzle that kept everyone on their toes in the woods.  We were picked for the first event of the day, so we were able to see the field in a pristine condition before the mud showed up.  During our second and third games of the day, the field was a little more slippery than from earlier, but we persevered.  Although we had some losses our first day, it was overall a good day of paintball.  Afterwards we dined and talked strategy for upcoming games at Ed’z Wings in Fayetteville.

Day two found us in the 10-man finals against Destiny’s Army.  After a hard fought battle, we took 2nd place in 10-man.  

 In between playing 10-man, a small cadre of us had to also play 5-man. After playing 6 preliminary games, we found our way to the finals, again against Destiny’s Army.  In a first in UWL history, both teams were tied after regulation.  The tie was to be decided in a 1-on-1, 2-minute battle for a single flag.  After a nail biting ending (with less that 5 seconds left), we took 2nd place in the 5-man.   A big thanks to the UWL for taking great pictures all weekend and we look forward to seeing the video they put together of the event.     

Our full complement of markers worked flawlessly all weekend regardless of the weather conditions -  Geo 3.1’s, LV1’s, Geo’s, Ego’s, Etek’s, and Etha’s.  Not only did our markers work wonderfully, but our HDE jerseys and pants helped us blend into our surroundings while also being extremely comfortable.  Thank you Planet Eclipse for another great year with you at our backs along the way.   

Our next event is coming up quickly at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN – MPP’s “A Bridge too Far” April 26th-26th.  We are definably up for another UWL event later on in the year.  If you have any questions about this format, please don’t hesitate to ask any one of us – we had an absolute blast and look forward to the future of this league.  As always, if you have any issues with your gear, stop by and let us take a look at it for you.  Who knows, it may be as easy as just changing a battery. 

Look us up on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/blackkarmapaintball) to see where we are going next and to see great new products from Planet Eclipse.