GSL's On EBay (USA)

Before anyone starts... It's not our fault EBay will not allow us to list or ship these anywhere but the USA.

The Link for the above 'PUNK' GSL is:

You are bidding for a USED Planet Eclipse GSL. It was used by (but not exclusively) Ryan Greenspan at the 2013 World Cup.

The original SL Barrel kit that the marker came with has been lost (or is still at the bottom of Ryan’s Bag) so you will be getting a brand new 14” Tip, 16” Tip, .681 Back and .689 Back. All in Black and are standard Shaft4 barrels (NOT SL Versions). 

THIS GSL IS NOT NEW. The picture are of the current state of the marker !!
Serial Number # 006

The Link for the above Naked GSL is :

This is your chance to own something very special. GSL’s sold out 48 hours after launch and this is the last one we will make. This GSL is currently Raw and ready to go for Anodising. Whoever wins the bid will be able to work with our design team to create their very own 1 of 1 masterpiece. 

There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled to create your custom marker but the design team at Planet Eclipse will work with you to create the art within the set criteria. You can have solid colour anodising if you desire but the GSL marker MUST be anodised before leaving Planet HQ.

Due to the design and anodising process it will take some time to complete. We would estimate approximately 8 weeks to produce, then shipping.

The first $500 of the purchase price for the Naked GSLwill be donated to a registered charity of the choice of the winning bidder. 

You are bidding for a Planet Eclipse GSL marker Serial Number #004 (1 of 750 GSL’s Produced).

Happy Bidding !!!