507 Paintball League and International Women's event.

We arrived on site and set up our tech booth on Thursday 24th to be ready to go the next day for the International Women’s Paintball Tournament featuring female teams and players from The United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia.

Starting at  8:00 a.m. on Friday, teams where gathered all around the field getting ready for the first match at 9:00 a.m.

Inside the netting Planet Eclipse field wraps were prominently displayed setting the stage.

Team USA which featured players from team Destiny was sponsored by Planet Eclipse and was assisted by Luis Rodriguez, the onsite tech support representative in the pits helping out as needed. They had 6 CS2 in their camp and won first place in the tournament.

Friday afternoon was a practice day for 507 tournament teams, and we stayed on site offering help with servicing and repairing any markers.
The next morning games started with D4 and D3 matches.   We were ready to go at 7:00 a.m. At noon the day got rainy so in the afternoon we received some wet guns.  We simply dried them off and out and they were back on the field.

On Sunday, D4 and D3 matches continued and started the day for D5 teams.

Every day of the event there was Facebook live podcast (vidaextrema page) for people to watch.

This event  had teams from Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Panama. The winners in D3 were Caribbean All Stars. in D4 the winners were PK Crew from Panama and the  D5 winners were AM Young Bloodz.

Piratas teams, Panama’s PE sponsor team reached podium in D3 (3rd place), D4 (2nd place) and D5 (2nd place).