2-Day Woodland Tourney in the UK [2019]

The UKWM keep getting better and better and after a year off they are bringing back the big 2-day event for 2019.

Have a read below to what the UKWM had to say and invite you to play in 2019.


The International Woodland Masters comes to Holmbush in 2019 

Europe’s no.1 Woodland Series, the UK Woodland Masters, continues to up the ante for great competitions and this will be a landmark event. 
Maybe you want to experience the developed woodland fields, the pride of the UK and admired internationally?
Perhaps two FULL days of amazing paintball – you’ll be tired and sore but full of the glory this event offers – you can rest when you return to work!
Could it be the competition on offer?  The best teams play the Woodland Masters – domestic legends the UK Predators, Blow, Rushers and Turks all compete – as do newer break through teams such as Capital Killerz, Underdogz and Nemesis – don’t forget the international contingent as we have played host to the All Americans, Kick Ass, Aggression and Paintball Siegburg!

Whether you are in the UK or abroad, the location of Holmbush close to London Airports and a mere skip into Europe via Ferry or Channel Tunnel makes it a compelling location for an event of a lifetime!  Accommodation is plentiful nearby, or save some money and camp on site FOR FREE!

We do the basics well, very well in fact, and you can also look forward to an on site bar and catering to wind down after play!

This is the first of many announcements – so get in contact to register your interest – and stay tuned to the page for more detail, media and videos in the build up to THE woodsball event of 2019!