Sandbaggers Abroad

The Sandbaggers quite like a drink, a trip abroad and the odd game of Paintball thrown in for good measure is always a bonus. When General Bolz (AKA Butch) gave us our CTA (Call to Action) to send over a small, but Elite group of Sandbaggers to the Scenario Big Game we could do nothing but book our flights…

So Ledz, Phil, JJ and Bowen will be flying to Germany to attend Scenario Big Game 22 ‘Revelation’. The Elite Sandbaggers couldn’t make it so those will have to do. They will be attending and probably playing on only 2 days of the 5 day event that is being help between the 1st May and 5th May in Poland very close to the German border.

Tickets go on sale today so click the link below and get your ticket ASAP. I hear they sell out !!

or Facebook Here: CLICK ME

See you in the field of battle (or at the bar probably).