NPL (Norway) Season Finale

The Norwegian season is over and we can look back at a lot of great paintball-games and awesome moves. This year the Norwegian paintball federation took over the series. Their mission was to run it “the player’s way”. The feedback after the season was good, and they are working on making it even better next year.

We had 4 legs of NPL (Norwegian Paintball League), Gjøvik, Degernes, Skarnes and the season finale was on the Rønholt arena. Over 40 teams in 4 divisions participated in the series, and the divisions was tight. No one was sure to be on the podium before the finals. That’s how we like it. J

Throughout the season, the top 3 in Pro have been varied between Blast, Knights and Dynamite so the last event would decide the overall-winner. The winner of pro could also crown themselves with the title National Master – Norway’s best team 2019.

In the prelims, Blast won all their games. Dynamite had 1 win, 1 loose (against Blast) and one draw. Knights had 2 wins and one draw. Beavers had 2 wins and 1 draw. So it was still up in the air who went home with the finest metal.

First semi-final game was Blast against Knights – a thriller who ended 3-2 in Blast favour and secured them a place in the final. Second game was Beavers against Dynamite. It was just as exciting as the first game, but Dynamite took the win 3-2. In the bronze-final Knights won over Beavers and took 3rd .

The final was now 2 Rønholt teams against each other on their own home-field. This time big-brother – Blast was the strongest team securing a win in Pro.  With that win they also won the overall and was crowned Norway’s best team 2019

Here are the overall results:

1 Rønholt Blast – Norways best team 2019
2 Knights
3 Rønholt Dynamite
4 Nelaug Beavers

1 Vandalizing Unicorns
2 Dark Angels
3 Degernes Rednecks 1
4 Degernes Rednecks 2

1 Skautrolla
2 Nelaug Beavers
3 Sitting Ducks
4 N’joy Østfold Max

1 Skautrolla D2
2 Ghost
3 Sotra Allstars
4 Degernes Rednecks Kidz

Thank to everyone who made this a great season:

Sponsors: The overall winners got prizes from Eclipse, Anthrax/Fight Back Design, Virtue, Nordic Paintball, PBdeal, Game-on, Pbstore and Proshar.

And not to forget: sites, refs, players, NPF and all the parents and volunteers who makes this happen. Thank you, and see you next year.

To find out more about the Norwegian Paintball League check out the link below:

From everyone at Planet Eclipse well done to Blast