The Hunt Is On !!

We LOVE to hear about our teams, their adventures, the victories, the failures (not so much) and every now and again we see a team going above and beyond.

When you get a pretty cool video sent to you that the Paintball World needs to see you need to get a bit more info about the team in question.

We received one such video the other day from Capital Killerz. We like these guys. They seems to have their heads in the right place and are making some great moves at the UK Woodland Masters.

With the UKWM Final round this weekend will they be able to hang again with the big biys that are fighting for the UKWM 2019 Title? We don’t know but they have proved they can do it once this year so lets see what happens tomorrow…

This is what Arron had to say….

The Capital Killerz have been on a roll the last few Woodland Masters rounds with two Pro 1st place finishes. First at Round 3 UK Woodland Masters at Holmbush with Arron Thorp, Jack Marsh, Russell Johnston, Leo Carter-Smith, and Jake Jones on the squad.  Then again at the latest round of Scottish Woodland masters at Wildwoodz in Inverness with Arron Thorp, Jack Marsh, Kara Dawidowski, Leo Carter-Smith and guesting for us, Steven Tindel.  This added 2 Pro Patches and a trophies to the growing trophy cabinet.

Watch out for round four UK Woodland Masters on the 4th of November to see what they’ll do next! 

From everyone at Planet Eclipse HQ good luck and keep doing what you’re doing…

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