R500SLE taking Paintball to AMAZING places!

Welcome to the sunny isle of Federal Territories Labuan, just off the west coast of Borneo for the Finale of the R500SLE limited paint and fixed cost paintball tournament. A duty free island with good scuba diving sites, offshore banking, offshore oil platforms sharing a landmass of 36 square mile and with just a population of 100,000 souls. A 45 minutes ferry ride from Borneo or 150 minutes of flying time from Kuala Lumpur.

This R500SLE fixed cost and limited paintball tournament was organized by the local paintball Kelab GHRT and co-organized by Raskal Sports and Sri Awana Paintball with the fullest support for the Labuan Development Foundation, Federal Territories Ministry, Ministry of Tourism, Interland Trading and Labuan Financial Park.

This paintball development tournament targeted at new players, teams and returning players saw a total of 50 teams participating and with nearly half of these teams as Rookies with no paintball experience. 

We had a team of young players – Team GHRT Juniors, with an average age of under 13 years old, a young girls team (LNC) at 20 years old on average and a mature player of 59 years old participating. We also saw many teams of retired, matured and returning mixed and matched players. So enthusiastic were some players for this tournament, we had a girl with a broken foot, playing in a leg cast!

Check out the footwear!
Team GHRT Juniors with: Isyraf Faiz – 11 years, Irfan Firduas – 12, Kaszym Aqim – 12 and Hasmiezul – 16, played in the 3 Man Rookies Division achieving 2nd podium Place out of a total of 18 teams of adults. These youngster have only played paintball twice and there are no paintball parks in Labuan ! Brilliant achievements and well talented. This is where the future of our paintball industry lies. 

Another team of note, the girls team LNC from Politeknik Kota Baru, Era Sara, Nurul Harni, Nur Hidayah and Siti Aisyah played well in their 1st ever paintball tournament after joining their college’s paintball club earlier this year. We had the most ladies ever, 10 women, playing in various teams which is great to see.

Our gentlemanly friend Tuan Haji Amirul Badri, 59 years young, Captain of team C’moOon Zebra, with angioplasty and mined for kidney stones 2 weeks prior to this tournament with his similarly “matured” team mates and a hopalong girl (Camun Wen) in a leg cast won the Classic Division shooting their newly acquired Eclipse M170R's. This just shows that what they lack in sporting mobility is very much made up for in experience, wisdom and awesome equipment to make a strategic and tactical paintball game. 

We had teams of local police from 3 states playing and enjoying paintball. We also had bankers from the Offshore banks, financial institutions, oil platform workers and a team from the Air Force – TUDM. This just shows that with a fixed cost paintball event, we can attract players and teams from all walks of life. This might be just local event but we had participating international teams from Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and Kalimantan Indonesia.

The full result of this R500SLE Finale event saw the Champions:

1. Super Borneo Division, Serigala beating Baby Wolfpack 

2. Elite Division, Infamy Singapore beating Devastation while Devastation wins the tournament Overall Championship.

3. Classic Divison, C’moOon Zebra beating TakeOff Zebra, while TakeOff Zebra wins the tournament Overall Championship.

4. Rookies Division, Labuan City Council beating GHRT Junior

With everyone playing a seriously fun but equally serious paintball tournament where they know in advance the total of what it will cost to play. The other benefit of this R500SLE paintball tournament is that the out of town players’ accommodations are provided free of charge by Kelab Paintball GHRT and its sponsors with a 3 bedroom Beta Serviced Apartment per team in walking distance of the playing field. 

Labuan Island has good Sun, Sea and Sand activities, good cheap seafood, duty free drinks and cigarettes, scuba diving centres, 45 minutes ferry ride away from Sabah for Mount Kinabalu National Park, OrangUtan Sanctuary, Orang Asli (local aborigines) communities and world renowned dive centre of Sipadan and Semporna. 

Federal Territories Labuan shall again be hosting the 2nd leg of R500SLE paintball tournament next year 2020 on June 27th – 28th in conjunction with the Labuan International Sea Challenge with 28 different activities on the beaches and in the sea such as deep sea fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, sand castle building for families and kids and a music concert.

The R500SLE Finale event is again in November 7th – 8th 2020 and we anticipate a much larger event and more teams and hoping to improve upon our successes for our paintball growth development program. 

Thank you to all our sponsor from the Corporate world and from our paintball industry, from Planet Eclipse, ProShar and GOG. 

Photo credits to:  Winston Tjia Media. Check them out on Facebook here: