E-Portal - The App!

Calling all CS2 owners!

We're currently developing the Planet Eclipse E-Portal Lite App. It isn't finished yet but we've decided to release it to a limited number of 'first come, first served' Beta testers, as we did with our Eclipse O-Ring Finder App. One of these Beta Testers could be YOU!

This App is only available to CS2 Owners; it's the only marker in our range that has Bluetooth connectivity installed.

Due to its Beta Test status there are a couple of extra steps needed to access the App, but if you want to get involved please follow the instructions below.

In order to fully test this app you will need to re-program the Primary and Secondary circuit boards of your CS2 with new firmware which could potentially have some bugs in it. Planet Eclipse accept no responsibility for any penalties that may arise as a result of using the beta firmware in a competitive playing environment.

If you are uncomfortable re-programming your CS2 then you will still be able to connect the app to it using your existing firmware, but you will NOT be able to transfer any settings.

If you want to get involved please follow the instructions below.

Please note:
E-Portal 4 (required to make beta firmware changes) is only available for Microsoft Windows.
The App itself is only available for Apple devices running iOS13 - at the moment.

Getting Started:
1 - Make sure your device is running iOS13
2 - Install TestFlight (Beta Test app) from the App Store to allow you to Beta Test: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/testflight/id899247664
3 - Open this link on your device https://testflight.apple.com/join/JAnp4EX3
4 - Tap 'View in TestFlight' or 'Start Testing'
5 - Tap 'Install'

Getting the Primary and Secondary Board Beta Firmware:
1 - Click this link to install E-Portal 4: https://planeteclipse.com/eportal/v4/
3 - Program the firmware into your Primary and Secondary boards. Instructions are here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=588EA6WNOBM&list=PL_e1c15L0TgEAilxBVxwc5hatTTv6Z1nC&index=1

Using the app:

(A) Launch the App to enter the Dashboard. Fire up your CS2, enable Bluetooth then select Discover.

(B) Discover then presents the available markers. Select the marker you wish to modify.

(C) Add an Alias for the marker. A passcode is not currently required. Hit Connect.

(D) The connecting screen should only appear for a few of seconds while a connection is established.

(E) You'll be sent back to the Dashboard with the connected icon visible in the top right corner.

(F) Select the Parameters menu to see all of your marker's editable settings.

(G) Once you're happy with your adjustments, hit the Send To Marker button.

(H) The Info menu shows your marker's core overview data.

(I) The Settings menu offers simple E-Portal Lite connectivity functions.

NOTE: The E-Portal Lite App will remain connected until you switch off your CS2.

Please submit your feedback through the TestFlight App and we'll make the changes once we've collated enough information.

We'll keep you updated on the App's progress and will follow-up when it is complete and ready to download as a standalone app.

Thanks again for your support and input.


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