The Gulag . . The start of something new???

Leadfarmer (one of the Planet Eclipse Emortals) gave us a bit of a lowdown about the first 'Gulag' event.

Commando action Centre my homefield, allowed me to host a new type of event. We call it SpeedMag. Bringing the magfed class out of the woods and on to the speedball field. 

14 teams attended Leadfarmer's Gulag. It was great to see magfed players practice layouts, snake side, D side...learning about tournament paintball in advance of this event.

Leadfarmer's Gulag, will become an annual event at Commando Action Centre, and other fields in Canada has shown interest in doing the same.

The EMF100 proved to be the weapon of choice for many of the participants. Reliable, great performance and light is now a Speedmag tournament marker :-)

First Place went to SAS Ottawa (Murdoch, Hammer and Bender)... Congratz.

Keep an eye open for the next installment of the Gulag next year... Looks like being a 4 vs 4!!

Was the Gulag experiment a success??? 

We Think So :-)