At Planet HQ we love the club structure. It just make so much sense when it comes to Paintball teams, coaching and player development if done right. in the UK we have two great examples Warped and SaD.. I'm sure there are more around the World, let us know if you are a member of one.... One such club is RNPPC out of France...

Created in 2014 with a single objective: to train players under 16 in the practice of paintball (using 50cal Paintballs).. fast forward to today where RNPPC have 4 teams in the U16 League but also in Div 3 and Div 1 shooting 68cal. The RNPPC Div 1 squad has an average age of 25 and the Div 3 just 17 years of age!!

RNPPC have over 60 members in the club, including 30 children under the age of 16.

RNPPC have been crowned French Champions twice and 3 times of Ile de France in U16 and last year 2nd in Div2 which opened the door to division 1.

The season has started in France but as with everything Team Covid is dominating the frustrating the teams. But RNPPC are pushing forward and are looking at having 75 members by the end of 2020. They have even have an 8 to 12 Year old sqaud with 15 players and have recently introduced a MagFed Scenerio team to the RNPPC ranks.

The RNPPC web site, is now up and contains videos and articles( in English too).


Check out this cool video about RNPPC:

If you want to learn more about the RNPPC or even join them then click on the link above and get in touch and join the RNPPC Family.