CF20 Mag – Important Announcement!

 CF20 Mag – Important Announcement!


After 18 months of design, testing and even more testing we finally released the first production batch of our CF20 Magazines into the wild this past weekend, with the UK being the first market to use them in anger.

Unfortunately, we have been made aware of an issue that resulted in the failure of a single part within the magazine for one customer. To some, the news of a single failure wouldn’t be an issue, you just send them a replacement part. But for us, any failure is a big deal. We design and manufacture our products to work as they should, to stay the course, and to be the very best on the market because ultimately WE also want to use these products. If a product fails our customers, we believe we fail as a brand.

R&D have been analysing the part in question and have identified the problem.  We are currently arranging a replacement part to be manufactured, which will be replaced in all retail units as quickly as physically possible. 

We apologise for the delay on this product and will try our very best to get this product in your hands as soon as we possibly can.

We know what it's like to be excited about a kick-ass product only for it to be delayed, so for this we can only apologise.

If you have already received your CF20 Mags then please contact the store you purchased them from for more information.

Thanks again for your loyalty and patience as always, we truly appreciate it.


Planet Eclipse.


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