Emortal Army Legends #6 - Clint Moore

 #29 Clint Moore.

As one of the UK's most successful players, Clint's playing career has been something to envy for many. Throughout his evolution as a player his consistency and ability to deliver, against all odds, at all levels, is legendary and has lead him to play with some of Europe's very best teams, including a stint with Russian powerhouses Art Chaos.

Clint is living proof that the desire to compete and to perform never leaves you and neither does work ethic. His current role as Player/Coach with the UK's #1 team, the Lucky 15s, is testament to that and the team will be much tougher, more resilient, smarter, sharper and more capable than ever before because of him.

We salute you Clint and your place as an EMortal Legend has been well and truly earned.

And as with all of our Emortal Army Legends we asked three very simple questions.

Image: Blitzed Media

Favourite paintball moment?

I have a few moments which stand out, but the highlight must be the first pro win, winning Millennium Series World Cup in Toulouse 2008 with London Nexus. We beat a star studded Philly Americans teams 5.1 in the final. The second greatest moment (very close between these two) was winning the Nations Cup with Team GB.

There are a few more that I'll throw in too.

With Team GB we tied 2-2 with Norway with only 2 min to go, and within 10sec off the break I was the last man standing. We did hit one of them of the break which meant it was a 4 on 1. Somehow I was able to dig in and won the point with 30sec to go. I will always recall every second of this point as the crowd went absolutely crazy after that. 

At the same event we [Nexus] smashed Dynasty 5-0 in the semi finals, that was an epic time; Lang was on that team then too, 2012 I think.

And then there's the time I won a 4 on 1 against Edmonton Impact, beating them 5-0 for 3rd place finish in Germany... I'll stop there.

Favourite Eclipse marker you've used?

I must say its got to be the one I've been shooting all last season with lucky 15's. The CS2 pro. It's been extremely consistent all year. I've not had to change any O-rings or had any problems with it at all. I can honestly say I didn't even brake a single ball all season. Outstanding marker. 

And yes, I have played with it - 🤣

What's the story behind your jersey number?

Sorry, and I bet you get this a lot, but it's simple. My birthday. Sorry.

Thanks for your time Clint.

Tune in next week for our next Emortal Legend! But who will it be?


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