Emortal Army Legends #7 - John Dresser

 #00 John Dresser

Without question one of paintball's most important figures for so many years, John Dresser was the walking, talking heartbeat for the industry and the long time driving force behind PBNation. 

If John Dresser (one word) doesn't know something, it isn't worth knowing and if he does, you probably don't. Like a mystical paintball God, he not only spread the gospel of paintball but has played with some of the greatest players and teams of all time.

John Dresser is a true Legend of the sport and in our eyes will forever be regarded as an Emortal.

And as with all of our Emortal Army Legends, we asked John Dresser three simple questions.

Image: David Mullis

Favourite paintball moment?

Easy. World Cup 2015. 10-man. This was beyond special to me. We brought back the team name Farside and I played with the same core of guys I’d played with 15 years before there. I’d lost touch with some of them so it was unbelievable to see them and take the field with them again.

Favourite Eclipse marker you've used?

I’ve honestly loved Planet Eclipse markers ever since the 2000 World Cup when the editor of P8NT Magazine borrowed an Autotcocker to play World Cup with us. But the Ego 8 Vicious Series was the first Planet marker I bought. I used it and abused it until the wheels fell off. 

What's the story behind your jersey number?

Never bet against the house. The house always wins.

True story! 

Someone called in during a GoSports Webcast to correct something Matty (Marshall) had said. Matty promptly told the caller that they were wrong to which the caller replied 'but John Dresser said so.' Matty simply said 'Ok then, I guess I AM wrong.' 🤣

Thanks for your time John Dresser, the pleasure is all ours. Genuinely is.

Tune in next week for our next Emortal Legend! But who will it be?


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