Very SaD :-(

SaD - Staffordshire and District Paintball Club. 

SaD are one of the biggest Paintball clubs in the UK and have chosen Planet Eclipse markers as their marker of choice, which makes us really proud. SaD have teams in many different divisions and in many different formats and Planet Eclipse has the perfect marker for each level be that mech, mid range or high end. We got you covered..

Clubs structures are amazing to see players progress through the ranks (and drop down if need be). But you always need to look up and down and that is what SaD have done this season with a New Elite squad at the CPPS's highest division and also a SaD Academy, bringing in the youth at the Breakout Division.

The SaD program is running strong and have already picked up 4 x 2nd place trophies this year. But we are sure they will push on to get that 1st place trophy at some point in 2022 in the woods, airball or concept fields that they compete in.

Good Luck....

If you want to follow SaD or even want to talk to them about joining the SaD club then check out the links below:






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