EGO LV2 HPR Bulletin ⚠️

After years of design, development and rigorous testing across multiple scenarios the EGO LV2 made its competitive debut at the NXL Mid Atlantic Major (17-19 June 2022) without a single issue arising from the professional levels of use that it faced. However, a very simple issue did arise at the hands of a regular retail customer, which has raised concerns and led to swift action on our part.

What’s the problem?

The customer in question wound out the HPR (Velocity) adjuster to its limit, then proceeded to force it past its natural and obvious limit stops, leading to the retaining clip flexing out of position and the HPR regulator disengaging from the regulator housing. We at Planet Eclipse do not accept the solution to simply be a statement saying ‘don’t screw the adjuster beyond its limits’, so we have had an updated part manufactured to ensure that the HPR cannot be accidentally disengaged from the regulator housing.

When will we see a fix?

We tested the new part on Thursday 23rd June and are happy that the issue is fixed when this new part is installed. We have the new parts arriving any day and one will be sent out to all EGO LV2 owners. Replacing this part will guarantee that this issue will not occur in the future and owners can experience the truly magnificent EGO LV2 without worry.

At Planet Eclipse we pride ourselves on the level of thought, consideration and affection that we pour into every single one of our products. When issues arise we act as quickly as possible to create a solution to the problem so that we can sleep at night in the knowledge that we have created and provided you, our loyal and valued customers, with the very best paintball gear on the Planet.

If you are the owner of an Eclipse EGO LV2 then please email: and send us the three essential pieces of information listed below.

1:    Full Name and Postal Address.

2:    Serial Number.

3:    Where you purchased the marker from.

We will get a replacement part sent to you, free of charge, as soon as possible.

In the meantime our advice is DO NOT over-adjust the HPR Regulator (velocity adjuster). When you feel resistance STOP!!

We have stopped shipping any LV2’s until this new part is fitted into production markers, which should be any day now. Hopefully this will not cause too much of a delay and production LV2s will start leaving the warehouse very soon.

For more information watch our Facebook LiiiiiVE video here:

EGO LV2 HPR Bulletin - Facebook LiiiiiVE

For our replacement HPR Body installation video watch here:


Thanks for your loyalty, patience and understanding.

Planet Eclipse.


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