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Cards on the table, and it's a bit of a running joke between ourselves and our awesome French buddies at Camp Paintball; every year there is an exceptional series of events called the French National Championships featuring the very best French teams, so the action is incredible. But we always find it confusing... even though it actually isn't. So we've asked our buddies at Camp to explain the story so far, seeing as we actually sponsor and support the teams who kick serious ass at every event.

Take it away Richard!

So the “Championnat de France” (French National Championship) is the pinnacle of all French Leagues throughout France.

All main Region in France run their Leagues, affiliated to the French Federation (FFP - Fédération Française de Paintball) and at the end of the season, the best Teams in each Division qualify for the “Championnat de France”.

After a blank year due to COVID, the Event took place at Ace Paintball in Dreux. It’s 1 hour from Paris and so far, the site has been chosen to host the NXL Europe event in September.

TonTon Flingeurs dominating D1 as always - © Erik Chateau

Very nice venue, with permanent grandstand, turf and tradeshow. CAMP & Planet Eclipse were of course a big part of it, ensuring professional full Tech Support was available for players whenever needed.

This year, 66 Teams got their ticket across 5 Divisions.

D1 - Main Pro Division with 16 teams

D2 - 12 teams

D3 - 10 teams

D4 - 3vs 3 format with 18 teams

U16 - 50cal, with 10 teams

Camp Carnage giving it their all - © Erik Chateau

Scalp looking good out there - © Erik Chateau

During 3 days of awesome action, including a storm coupled with a brief but intense hailstorm, Sunday Club needed to move to Monday, but everything worked out ok in the end.

All eyes were of course focused on the D1 matches, where TonTon finally defeated Camp Carnage in a fierce battle, while the fresh young blood of RNPPC got kicked out of the podium by Section Annecy while playing their first ever final round.

TonTon clearly dominated the full competition, by not dropping a single match, so… impressive steamroller as usual and another French Champs title under their belt!

D2 saw Scalp take second place behind Dagnir while D3 was fully dominated by Scalp Expendables taking the lead at the end of the competition.


Affliction, Patriots and Alien paintball took the podium spots.

Aliens 2 took 1st Place in U16 with their EMEK 50cal setups.

TonTon Flingeurs looking sharp - © Danny Knuit

U16 is getting really hot in France, since it’s the format of younger players and hopefully long term competitors. A true school to bring new in the breed and keep them in the sport, like the RNPPC did. They all come from this U16 entry point.

All in all, a very good event, with a very good venue and great paintball as always.

We Got Your Back! - photo Camp Paintball

Great sports venue - photo Camp Paintball

A HUGE congratulations to all of our teams representing Planet Eclipse in France. French paintball has always given paintball a very exciting and enjoyable style of play. More of this please!

You can follow the events and Live Streams as they happen right here:

👉  FB: Fédération Française de Paintball

And check out the Federation's website right here:

👉  Fédération Française de Paintball

And of course, our friends at Camp Paintball are always flying the flag for Planet Eclipse and paintball in France:

🇫🇷  Camp Paintball


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