Is Paintball back in Malaysia ??????

We think it is and we are super excited about it.

Penang Island Malaysia, Pearl of the Orient also known as the Prince of Wales Island founded by the British East India Company in 1786 by Sir Francis Light and made a British Crown Colony in 1867. An Free port Island made in spices and entrepot trading and resupplying ships to and from the Indian Ocean. Modern Penang is also a renowned tourist destination both for local and international visitors for its food, heritage, hotels, beaches, cruise terminal and family activities. This island rich with culture and ethnic diversity was also the venue of our Northern Paintball Super league – on May 12th and 13th.

With the fullest support from the City Council of Penang – Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang – MBPP, and hosted on Georgetown city centre’s beautiful Polo Grounds saw the largest paintball tournament, Penang International Cup in Malaysia of the past few years with 89 teams. We are very grateful for MBPP who provided free lunch and drink for players, supporters and spectators alike for this two days event and we must say the only tournament in Malaysia that provided free foods and drinks . MBPP also helped to provide other facilities like tents, tables and chairs, cleaning and maintenance crew and a team of Medics.

Our Penang International Cup tournament was officiated by officials representative from the City Council Of Penang Island and representatives from City Council Of Penang Island Sports Club.

This tournament saw the launching in Malaysia of Planet Eclipse’s latest CS3 paintball marker. Planet Eclipse now has factory sponsored teams in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan and our Penang International Cup saw the first usage of this latest CS3 in action. 

Team Inception arrived in Penang without any paintball markers, got their CS3 on Friday evening after being registered and tagged with the Royal Malaysian Police – PDRM. Inception played well against all the top teams in South East Asia in the Open Division. What can you say when being used in a tournament for the first time straight of the box, the CS3 shot brilliantly and beautifully ! Got the CS3 on a Friday evening, chrono on the Saturday and Champions on the Sunday. That’s what Planet Eclipse factory Team Inception from Thailand just did.

Played all their preliminary games and qualified for the Quarter Finals without any issues or problems with their CS3. It just shot so sweet that the players just couldn’t believe it. Its accuracy and consistency shot on shot was just unbelievable, literally straight out of the box without any running in. 

Playing in the 37*C heat and nearly 100% humidity, it was a very taxing day but Inception held it all together. Their fast attacking games coupled with brilliant moves surprised everyone, well orchestrated by team Capt Piyangkul Ratanavimolchai and team Manager Pound Saranya Ratanavimolchai. 

The Open Division Finals game, team Inception played Duckside in a very exciting and intense game and were level on points at full time. There was still no results in the Overtime game which came down to a 1 on 1 where Oat of Inception just tore down the middle of field at such speed and demolished the Duckside player who had no idea where he was or what was happening. Speed agility and the fantastic CS3 did the work and carried the day. The top teams in Malaysia that got their latest factory sponsored CS3 in this tournament are Inception, Raskal, Nemesis Legion, Waxers Legion and Kiong Troopers. 

Team Inception has now been appointed the authorized Dealer for all Planet Eclipse Products in Thailand and all products sold by them is covered under full Planet Eclipse Warranty through Raskal Sports. You can buy with full confidence knowing that Planet Eclipse has your back with Raskal Sports. 

We would like to thank our generous sponsors and are grateful for their kind support and assistance for making our paintball tournament a huge success. We also like to sincerely thank all our MPRO Refs for their hard work and professionalism, all our local and international teams, friends, guests and players for their participation especially Amy Cheng of Taiwan Open Paintball Championship – TOP in Kaohsiung. To all our technical crew lead by Event Managers Safieq Awe and Sheikh Fuad, Adik, Andak and Wawan who worked tirelessly to ensure all the equipment was in good working order throughout the weekend, thank you.

Grateful thanks to Sponsors and Co-Organisers of NPSL Penang International Cup:

Penang Island City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang)

Kelab Jalak Lenteng

Kelab Paintball Mambong

Planet Eclipse UK Limited

Raskal Sports Sdn Bhd

Classic Paintball

The Company

All photos Credits to AXMedia and Wan Mad Photography 


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