Mutant Warfare

Team Capital Offense attended the "Mutant Warfare" Scenario from Guru Games at Sherwood Forest. This event utilized next gen technology replacing outdated flag stations with digital & RFID technology. 

Picture Courtesy of: Matthew Walton of Guru Games 

Player cards are now tied to the scenario and are no longer just for chronos and safety briefs. Players use their cards to capture flag stations, acquire props and return for points, conduct game missions and more. 

Picture courtesy of: Jon Barber

The score was tracked in real time using Wi-Fi and RFID technology and a virtual game map was displayed that showed faction control as it happened.  Players were also able to score points individually and see their ranking on the leaderboard. 

Developed by Matthew "MrEspn" Walton of Guru Games, the game also integrated Discord for live event updates and VOIP chats. The event was hailed as a significant step forward in paintball innovation, attracting players from across the Midwest US, and receiving strong support from the community. The game is expected to influence the future of paintball, encouraging the adoption of technology to enhance the player experience.

Picture Courtesy of: Bird's Eye View Photography

Capital Offense assisted the Dark Covenant (Blue) Team and took part in various missions, prop collections, and electronic capture stations throughout the weekend.  At times we were either setting up ambushes against the enemy, storming and routing entrenched forces from an elevated position, or capturing key referees who have significant props, the members of TCO were all over the field of play.  

Picture courtesy of: Jon Barber

During the final battle, while initially held back from taking the castle, Team Capital Offense, along with the rest of the blue side, were able to rally, overrun the castle, hold it and storm the 3rd floor tower to seal the victory for the blue commander. 

Picture courtesy of: Jon Barber

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