A Christmas hug from Norway

It’s cold, it’s wet and there isn’t a huge amount of Paintball going on. Kristine (one of the Eclipse Emortal sponsored players from Norway) wanted, in the spirit of Christmas and the New Year to share a few of her traditions with you all…. Education is never a bad thing…

I think this is the calm, sweet side of Kristine. I’m sure she will get back to mowing fools down again as soon as the weather allows!!

“From all of us to all of you…..”

I’m not sure how the Christmas-tradition is in the different countries where my fellow paintballers live, but here in Norway Christmas is all about traditions.

A short version of our Christmas:

We’re decorating the tree in the evening of the 23rd; we watch the classics on TV Christmas morning. Some of the classics are Disney Christmas, Three Wishes for Cinderella and The journey to the Christmas Star

Before we can spin around and rip open all the gifts under the tree (at least that’s how I do it :-) we eat a lot of good food. In Norway we have three different dishes that mark the tradition in different areas in the country; pork rib, salted and dried rib of mutton and an old dish called lyed stockfish. The safest one in my area is definitive the pork rib :-) And after that it is rice-cream, a delicious creamy dessert where we hide an almond. The one person who gets the almond in their dish gets a present, usually a marzipan pig :-) an event in itself.

Some things I believe most of us have in common, even if we live all around the world, are the family love, the gifts and lots of good food during the Christmas days.

It would be cool to hear a bit about other countries traditions and how you guys celebrate the holiday-what kind of food and rituals makes your Christmas special?

A lot of love and greetings from Kristine. xx