Something to make you laugh.... Hopefully !!

A couple of good friends of mine have been working quietly in the shadows now for a few years on all sorts of movie/film/story/comedy projects. They have only recently started working more and more closely together and rumour has it they could be the next Cohen Brothers... (remember where you heard it first). Here is something they did together a few years back which still makes me laugh, I think I’m getting to that age when a lot of these images just bring back all the great memories from years gone by.

Have a look and pass it around I’d like for them to get a few more hits on this so paste it into your facebook, MySpace, twitter, etc site and lets see if we can get the number up....

I'm starting this at only 270 Hits !!!!!

If you want to know a little more about the ‘Looker Brothers’ then check out their web site: