Everyone at Planet Eclipse would like to wish Team XSV the best of luck for the future. Planet Eclipse have been proud to sponsor XSV for many years during the high and the low times. XSV have been with Planet Eclipse and the EGO Markers since day one back in 2004 and have been an important part of the development of that and other products. Many good friendships have grown out of the XSV camp and hopefully those friendships will continue into the very distant future.
Paintball is going through some turbulent times. The Paintball world is changing and Planet Eclipse is having to change with it in order to survive. XSV are also trying to survive and unfortunately that means a new partnership for XSV away from Planet Eclipse. Planet Eclipse loses one of its longest standing established teams from the Emortal Army.
The Emortal Army will mourn the loss.


  1. PE and XSV is 1 of those things that just sound right together. I know times are tough for everyone right now, and hard decisions had to be made for all to survive. Heres to looking forward to things getting back to normal in the not too distant future.

  2. WOW... i cant imagine XSV with anyone else... thats soo crazy... i was so excited for the xsv ego10, man this is such a huge change. I love PE and i love XSV... they will be missed

  3. Through The Lens Photo is right... It's very hard to imagine XSV and PE as two separate entities. But as always, all good things must come to and end. Thanks for the memories.


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