ETV's - The Roster Episode #1. FREE

It’s Christmas…So we got that Christmas feeling and as a little present from the ETV Crew and Planet Eclipse, Episode #1 of the Roster went up on Youtube on Friday 21st December FREE of Charge. We would normally put this up on the ETV Store for sale for a few weeks before launching on Youtube for FREE but we wanted to give you an escape from the Wizard of Oz & A Christmas Story :-)

Before the end of January, Episode 2 (including Episode 1 for Free) will be available for download on the ETV Store with the final Episode 3 dropping in early February. As always we will launch on Youtube for FREE a few weeks later but if you can’t wait and want to support this and other projects like it we hope you will download Episode 2 and 3 for only $1.99 each.

From everyone at Planet Eclipse. Have a wonderful Christmas, be safe, have fun and let’s hope 2013 is amazing!!!

The Roster: Starring San Antonio X-Factor

Planet Eclipse and the team behind the acclaimed Artifact Film Series brings you The Roster,  a new three-part docu-series starring San Antonio X-Factor.

The Roster takes you inside the off-season assembly of a professional paintball team, and how the creation performs on the 2012 PSP and NPPL Professional Circuits.

Beginning with tryouts/camp in January, X-Factor looks at a field of more than 30 players to fill just 5 spots-4 on the development squad and one on the pro team.

The Roster is directed by veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli, and narrated by the voice of the game, Matt Marshall.

Episode 1 Synopsis:

ETV Cameras descend on San Antonio, Texas as nearly four-dozen players filled with the dream of playing professional paintball roll up to X-Factor Paintball Park for a two-day tryout/ mini camp.

They find themselves competing with four veteran pro players; Billy Bernachhia-the paintball famous, Drew Hire, the journeyman utility player, Chris Wilson-the veteran looking for one last ride, and Jamie Beadle-the sophomore pro from across the pond still trying to prove he belongs at the highest level.

By the end of Day # 1, only 15 will earn an Eclipse practice jersey, and an invited back to see Sunday.