P8ntballer has been organising a good cause auction for one of our long time members Leezo, who, unfortunately is battling Leukaemia.

With an amazing responce from players and companies alike, we are pleased to announce the auction is now live!

Included are awesome items to suit every budget, from t-shirts and barrel socks to markers and event tickets, as well as some luxery, and exclusive items which may never be available again such as the first world cup winners plaque ever won by an EU team, and a roman shower enclosure!

From the bottom of our hearts, P8ntballer would like to thank every person and company who has helped to make this auction possible. There realy isn't a better cause than helping another member of the paintball family.

So hop on over to the following link: and get bidding! We have 3 pages of stuff so far, with more coming in every day, so check back regularly!

If theres nothing you would like to bid on, but would still like to help out, you can make a donation to via Paypal. Any amount is welcomed.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who is getting involved to help Leezo, and look forward to seeing your bids!

Many Regards

The P8ntballer Team....

***Latest (Sad) Update***

Just before 10pm last night, 23rd Jul 2013, Lee Robson passed away in his sleep. His sisters, fiancé, mum and dad were all present so he was not alone. Lee had been in the Bobby Robson Research Centre at Freeman Hospital for 5 days prior to this. He is one of life's angels that walked with us for a short time to help us all become better people.

We hope everyone will take a minute of their day to lend a thought to his family and friends.

The auction will continue. A gift to his kids from their dad, earned by living a good life. If you haven't had a chance to look yet, we highly encourage you to do so, you won't find a better cause.

Rest In Peace Lee. You will be missed.