Blackout Protocol

It is with great pride and privilege that we announce our newest sponsor, Planet Eclipse! This top of the line company's products have been a long standing favorite of the members on this team do to their reliability, ease of use and maintenance to overall comfort and performance. When it comes to paintball gear and markers, it simply doesn't get any better. We've really started 2014 off right with P.E. by our side and couldn't be more excited to sport our new HDE Camo and upgraded versions of the Ego, Geo, Etek and the humble and effective Etha along with their other great products. You won't see BoP in ACU's anymore, just look for us in our HDE's (if you can spot them Haha!!!) on the field. Thank you for this great opportunity and new relation with an OUTSTANDING company!!! And a BIG thank you to our Sponsorship store Stingray Ops for all they've done for us to get things like this underway. We couldn't be happier with our local paintball store and the professionalism and knowledge they have displayed each and every encounter

 Welcome to the Emortal Army....


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