A Bridge Over Troubled Water ....

We eagerly await the gunshot that begins the game.  Heart rates are soaring. Sweat dripping down our tautly drawn faces. Blood racing through our veins as we stand at the ready.  Trying to visualize a plan, the taped off areas look inviting because it would be so much faster to just run through there.  But we know we would “drown” without a boat. The shot finally rings through the woods, and we take off across the bridge to hold our positions to keep the Germans from advancing across the Rhine River.  If we are shot, we must walk the long distance to Eindhoven unless we recapture our base at Antwerp.  For thirty minutes, we hold off the advancing force until we have to make that walk.
Once again at an MPP event, we experienced the evil genius that is Ben and Bonnie Torricelli.  As with many of their games, this was a scenario based on an event in history.  “A Bridge Too Far” was based on a battle that took place during WWII in 1944; Axis vs. Allies.  All locations, props and missions were named for the real-life counterpart they played in history. Who knew you could get a history lesson while enjoying a weekend of paintball?!  There were three “rivers” that split the field.  These “rivers” only had one bridge that could only be crossed with the use of a boat or floatation device. You could barter “cash” or “gold” for boats or mobile bridges that engineers constructed.  Day one closed with our team behind by 800 points, despite a hard fought day.

Day two began as we switched up our bases and began from Arnhem.  The foliage was in full swing, but our HDE pants helped us to blend in.  The final hour-long battle was as epic as it always is.  Having to fight for three areas of the field, and also three “hot spots,” was challenging and rewarding.  But sadly, it was not enough to overcome the German lead.          

Who among us has ever been ready to play only to have their marker fail while we are chronoing, walking to the field, or mid-play?  If you want to put all of those concerns at ease, pick up a Planet Eclipse marker.  Their customer service is second-to-none and they stand behind their products.  If you ever have any issues, stop by the Black Karma Kompound; we can take a look at it for free, no strings attached.  We have a vast amount of marker knowledge among our teammates.  We have had or have every variation of PE marker and would be more than willing to help you out. 

Our next events are coming up quickly: On June 21st-22nd Copper Kettle’s “Area 51 & 3/8th” at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN, another UWL event in Pittsburgh PA at Three Rivers Paintball on July 12th -13th, and possibly a trip up to La Porte, IN around September so we can see Sherwood Forest Paintball.  If you are in the southeast area around October 25th- 26th, plan to make MPP’s annual “Game of Thrones” at Bearclaw Paintball where the Baratheon fight against the Lannisters.  

Look us up on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/blackkarmapaintball) to see where we are going next and to see great new products from Planet Eclipse.


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