OPL: Final Leg Results.

 The final event of the season for the OPL was a wild one. In expectance of severe weather conditions, the commissioner posted a press released stating that "in the event of heavy rain, severe high winds or thunder and lightening, game play will cease immediately". Sunday afternoon after the preliminary matches finished, we were hit with winds reaching up to 90Km/h, and rain coming down hard. There was no way matches could continue. Luckily, after roughly 20mins of delay, the rain and wind slowed down to a playable condition. Despite the efforts from all the referees and staff, the field was soaked. It was impressive to see the willingness of the players to dive into puddles and continue playing while head to toe in water, paint and mud, yet still go home with a smile. 

D3... After winning the 4th event, Rampage was taken down in a heated Semi-finals match with Attrition. These two teams have been rivals all year long, and it seemed like they were matched up in the semi's, or finals at every event. The D3 finals was a tough fought match between two composed, methodical teams (Chargers & Attrition). Regular time finished in a 2-2 tie, forcing the game into a 5 minute overtime point. Two Chargers players were eliminated in the first few minutes of the overtime point, forcing them into defensive, back-row positions. Attrition was then able to advance up both sides of the field, and pinch out the last remaining Chargers players. Attrition scored with just under 10 seconds left to win the match. Stellar performances by Travis Kropf, Mark Gawlikowski, and Klayton Morris lead Attrition to their Event 5 win, as well as the overall series title. 

D4... Mississauga Hate puts on a show again! The Hate and Leisure King final match had an interesting theme to it. The Kings are a team filled with veteran experience, lead by players such as Ian McCombes and Tommy Nguyen. Hate is a young, and hard practicing team. It was interesting to see who would prevail between the up and coming (Hate) and the experienced (Kings). 

Hate was able to squeeze past the Kings in a 2-1 victory to give them 3 wins out of the 4 OPL events they played this season. As Hate missed the first event of the year, they didn't have enough points to win the overall series title. The Division 4 series title went to the consistent Stratform Storm. The Chargers D4 finished 3rd for the third time this year, look for them to be hungry, and striving to place in the top two in 2018. 

D5...  After the 4th event, it was noted that there's an ongoing 3-way battle for first place between Corruption, Ham Hawks and the Hustlers. To no surprise, Corruption and Ham Hawks were your two teams battling it out for first place. Corruption put up an impressive 4-1 beat-down on the Ham Hawks to win them the final event, and the series title. Hype made it to the podium for the first time in Division 5. Congratulations to Corruption, Ham Hawks and the Hustlers on their steady performances all season long. 

Beginner...  H to the Y to the P to the E! Hype wins for the second time this year in a 2-0 victory over Chargers Red. At the end of the season, both Hype and Chargers Red had two 1st place finishes and one second place finish. By a slim margin, Chargers Red finished the year slightly ahead of Hype, to win the overall Beginner 5-Man series title. Congratulations to Rebel Kids on their first top-three finish! 

Hats off to the OPL for running an impressive 2017 season, and staying true to their 'for the players' mentality. Thank you to all the teams that competed in the 2017 season. It's great to see the Beginner Division welcome new players into the sport. 

The Planet Eclipse Markers that the OPL had ready on hand to lend to players really creates a welcoming environment for individuals just looking to 'get their feet wet' in tournament paintball coupled that with the Planet Eclipse Tech support and Planet Eclipse really does have your back!!

We're also seeing quite a few players from the OPL step up their game and begin to play internationally as well. It's awesome to see the OPL become a league that's attracting players from out of province, and even across the border. I'm eager to see what the 2018 season will bring us. 

OPL Event 5 Standings Below: 

Division 3 X-ball 

1. Attrition 
2. Chargers
3. Niagara Rampage

Division 3 X-ball Series Champion: Attrition

Division 4 X-ball

1. Mississauga Hate
2. Leisure Kings  
3. Chargers D4

Division 4 X-Ball Seriees Champion: Stratford Storm

Division 5 X-ball
1. Corruption 

2. Ham Hawks

3. Hype D5

Division 5 X-Ball Series Champion: Corruption

Beginner 5-Man 
1. Hype 
2. Chargers Red 
3. Rebel Kids 

Beginner 5-Man Series Champion: Chargers Red