💀 🔥 INSANE Infamous CS2 🔥 💀

Our teams are awesome. Simple as that. We sign them up for the long haul and we sign them up for many, many different reasons and we like to keep them in the family for as long as we can.

We have teams who consistently dominate the rankings. Teams that players can relate to on various levels. Teams with exciting rosters. Teams who have a loyal following regardless of results. All teams are very, very different but we love them all equally.

But every now and then a team goes about their business in a way that makes you stop and think.

Infamous are such a team.

They're the team that people love... that people hate... the team people love to hate and also hate to love. Whichever way you slice it, Infamous are awesome. They ignite paintball passion within fans and opponents alike and because of this they're a gift to have in your stable.

In the modern era results are only one piece of the puzzle. Likability, or even hate-ability – is that even a word? – is equally as important, and to push the professional game forwards we need more teams to be diverse and often act beyond their 'team' status. They need to operate as an organisation who can market themselves and their sponsors, to grow and nurture their fanbase (and the sport) and can consistently be an asset to everyone involved.

Infamous are incredible at this, and at a level we don't believe we've seen before. Their online presence at InfamousPaintball.com is essentially Infamous the business and is slick, visually striking and exciting, just like the team. But it makes them so much more than just a team.

So when they approached us to collaborate on a custom CS2 design as part of their sponsorship allocation, all excited and full of... er... Infamous-ness we couldn't say no. And as you can imagine, things got a little out of hand and what started out as some cool design tweaks quickly became much, much more.

It's very rare that teams can bring a level of enthusiasm to a project that is infectious, but that's exactly what happened. And the final outcome? Well, one of our guys in the design team may have said it best:

"I think the original XSV EGO was very, very special. Nobody has really come close to creating anything like it. This is the XSV EGO all over again. It's insane! People are gonna lose their MINDS over it!"

The original XSV EGO

We pride ourselves on the quality of our design and the quality of materials and this Infamous CS2 definitely delivers on both counts. We're stoked. Infamous are stoked. And we're pretty sure their fans will be fighting in line to get their hands on these once they're released. In fact, we're pretty sure EVERYONE will want a piece of this.

Infamous, like all teams, need to fund themselves and as we stated earlier they run their ship as a business so have the platform to do just that. They have a slick marketing programme to promote the team and their players, and they have a fantastic online presence with a well stocked store full of Infamous goodness. Pretty much a live case study for how to run a modern professional paintball team.

Numbers? We're not sure yet. These are part of the team's sponsorship allocation and has we mentioned earlier, things took a different turn, meaning they aren't a legitimate production run, so in the grand scheme of things, there wont be many.

And there we have it.

The Infamous CS2.

Something to behold. To cherish. To envy. And to own... if you're quick enough.

Available exclusively from InfamousPaintball.Com or PlanetEclipse.com.