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On Sunday, May 26, 2019, Baltimore Paintball League hosted their Mid-Season Mayhem Tournament, which Wanna-Play’s Factory Team signed up for. The WPP Factory Team has been around for many years, stemming into the early 2000’s, but for this particular event we had 4 fresh players with little to no tournament experience on our line. The guys were pretty excited to play and they got some looks as they geared up, since we are usually known as “the team in camo”, so they must be woodball players, right?!?! …WRONG!!!

Our guys practiced and worked hard all spring, practicing drills and plays, not only finessing their individual game, but their game as a team. It was now their time to see how they handled the pressure and to put all their time well spent to the test.

As it typically goes, we were one of the first games of the day. As the buzzer sounded each of the players came off the starting box wielding their GTEK 170R’s and bodies started dropping. Three bodies gone on the breakout and it took a minute to realize they were three down before closing the point with the last two. I told them if they could play like that all day, we were winning this event.

Our second point unfortunately did not go as well and we dropped it. No worries though, we discussed in our huddle that we must learn from our mistakes and move forward and not dwell on dropping a point. From that point forward we did not lose another point in the prelims and we were sitting in the #1 seed heading into the finals.

In the finals we faced Revolution’s squad, but WPP’s Factory Team would win the first point of the match. We were up on bodies in the second point until a penalty moved the game in Revo’s favor and they took that point, which tied it up 1 to 1.

Now it’s time for the “serious talk”, we huddle and I told the team…No Excuses!!! You are representing your home field, your sponsors, and all of the people who have helped you get here, now have faith in each other and get the job done because you have sweat equity in this!!!

Fast forward a bit, the buzzer sounds and it’s game on!!! The 170R’s do their job again and again as bodies start dropping, and before you can blink, the game is over and the celebration begins…WPP’s Factory Team is victorious!!!

As a team, the Wanna-Play Paintball Factory Team THANKS Planet Eclipse for all of their quality markers and gear so they can spend more time on the field making lasting memories!!!

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We love a good victory story... Thanks for sharing, it's great to have you fighting for the Emortal Army :-)