The End of Eclipse Splashes?

Splash Anodising… You could almost say it’s in our blood. A LONG time ago we started having some of the most famous splash colour ways done to a variety of Eclipse Custom markers. We're not talking about EGOs or GEOs at this point, way before that. Cockers, Automags, Shockers, Angels, Spyders, Impulses... the list is pretty long. Some of those splash names and colour combos are still loved and coveted today, such as Banzai Green, Fire, Ice, Speedy Blue and Electric Skies to name a few.

An early Eclipse Fire Splash AutoMag

Unfortunately for us, the company who created our splash designs back in the day (we're talking about early 90’s) stopped doing the custom splash anodising many years ago so the art of getting it done and done right in the UK lay dormant, until we found someone else to start up the classic colour ways again. This was exciting, so as well as our much-loved classic splash designs we decided to create a few future classics too such as Shock Splash, Riddle and Nebula, to name just a few. Splash was back and it was cool to see players loving the classic styles as well as the new colours. But, alas, things have changed yet again.

Future Classic: Eclipse Shock Splash 
Future Classic: Eclipse Riddle Splash 

A short time ago our current anodiser lost the magic man. Our guy. Some would say artist, who created and managed to reproduce the same style splash anodising that we had all those years ago. The latest run of CS2’s in splash have now been built and are looking like the very last batch of their kind. We currently can't see the light at the end of the splash tunnel either, so until we find another company to recreate our unique styles, these are it.

Classic: Eclipse Fire Splash (CS2)

But all is not lost.

We do have some of these splash CS2s in stock... for now. But don't wait too long...

And on that note... let's have a moment of silence for the Eclipse Classic Splashes. Until we meet again dear friends.